Thursday, June 13, 2013

The scale diaries

The other day Laura at Simply Healthy Mama did a "scale experiment" where she tracked her weight throughout the day.  I actually do this very regularly, although I don't step on the scale as often as she did that day, but I thought it would be interesting to actually record my weight.  So here it is . . .

2:53am:  152.4 ~ I was woken up by Maddox and I thought it was 4am, which is my normal wake-up-to-go-to-the-bathroom time.  Anyway, I used the bathroom and then weighed myself, with pj's on.  When I went to bed I noticed it was only 3am.

6:10am: 149.8 ~ I used the bathroom and then weighed myself naked.  This is what I use as my official weigh-in time on Fridays.

12:35pm: 155.4 ~ This was after I ate lunch, fully dressed, with some really heavy shoes on.  I usually don't weigh myself after my morning weigh-in until after I run, but for the sake of this post I decided to do it periodically throughout the day.

4:21pm: 153.4 ~ After work, with clothes still on, but without the shoes.  I really think those shoes were at least 1 lb. 

5:35pm:  149.4 ~ This was after my run, just before hopping into the shower.  I always like weighing myself after I exercise because most of the time it is the lowest number of the day.  However, I don't use that number as my official weigh-in because I know the little amount that was lost (compared to the morning weigh-in) is water weight and I gain it back as soon as I drink something.

6:02pm: 149.4 ~ After my shower.  I was surprised to see the number had gone down 0.2 lbs, usually after my shower it goes up a little.  However, as I was typing this I realized that I actually didn't drink or eat anything between the two weigh-ins, and I usually drink some water. 

7:40pm:  152.0 ~ After dinner and a glass of wine.  I was surprised this number wasn't higher, I've seen my after dinner number go way up to as high as 158 (that was scary) before. 

10:06pm: 152.8 ~ This was after another glass of wine and right before going to bed.

11:00pm:  151.2 ~ =)  This was after some intimate "time" with Chris.  =)  I really did go to bed after this weigh-in.  =)

6:15am: 149.8 ~ This was this morning, naked.
One of the reasons I wanted to do this was because I wanted to show how much my (everybody's) weight fluctuates throughout the day.  I was actually kinda disappointed it wasn't higher in the evening than it was last night.  I seriously have seen that number go high in the evening.  I decided to add my weigh-in from this morning to show how consistent my weight usually is in the morning.  I would have added my 3(ish)am weight too, but I can't remember it today.  I think it was around 151.

I don't let the scale rule my life (I really don't).  I only count Friday morning's weigh-in, that is what I base my weight on.  The rest of the week  I am happy when the number is low but when it goes up it makes me re-evaluate my week (or day) and figure out what I did to cause the number to go up.  I can always point to at least one thing; too much salt, too much alcohol, too much food.  =)  And then I either don't care, or most often work to get that scale to at least the number it was before my weight went up. 

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