Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gold panning

I need to find me a run where there are photographers.  =)  I thought that there were people taking pictures on Saturday as I saw a guy taking a picture of myself and my "running buddy," but there are no links anywhere to find those pictures.  There are no links on the page to find last year's pictures . . . so now I'm wondering if it was some random guy taking our picture as he drove by.  (He was in a minivan, which kinda makes it scarier.)  Since I said something to the girl I was running with after he took our picture, I'm pretty sure she didn't know him either. 

I'm kinda bummed about this.  I don't have people that go to my races to watch me run, or take pictures, which means any picture that is taken of me is a self-portrait, and I'm not about to take one while I'm running. 

In other news . . . I think I may have just registered for a Zombie 5k Run in October. . . and I agreed to fundraise $200 so I didn't have to pay the $50 entry fee and I get a "free" tshirt . . . I'm not scared about running a 5k, and running with zombies sounds fun . . . however, I am terrified of fundraising $200.  If I don't get people to give me money, that means I have to pay $200 out of my pocket, which is way worse than the original $50 . . .  So, if you want to give me money ; ) here is the link to do so.  Honestly, I don't expect anyone to go there and give pledge money, but I thought I'd throw it out there.  =)

I have told you about last Friday, Damian's graduation and Maddox's birthday.  And I've told you all about my half marathon (probably more of that than you cared to know).   So I guess I'll finish off the weekend, since it was Father's Day on Sunday. =)

Chris had the day off (have I mentioned that his schedule changed and he now has Sunday's and Wednesday's off, he hates the split days off, but it will be nice to have one day off a week together, maybe we can actually do stuff this summer).  I made him breakfast, which I actually never do.  I don't like to cook in the mornings, if I make breakfast it's always for dinner.  Chris said that he thinks that was the first time in 15 years I have ever made him breakfast at breakfast time, and I think he's right.

Anyway, I told him ahead of time what I was going to get him for Father's Day because I wanted to know if he would like it, and we would have to drive to Gold Bar (which is about an hour away) to get it.  I found a gold panning club, and Chris is interested in gold panning, even though he's never done it, so I asked him if he was interested in joining the club.  He said he was, so we drove to Gold Bar (a very small town) to join the club.  He got some panning supplies and talked to the guy there for a long time.  The guy (his name was Hoot, no joke) showed him and Damian how to pan for gold in a big animal watering trough they had set up for that very purpose.  We spent a lot of time there, and poor Maddox was starving and bored (and maybe me too).

After we got done there, we started the drive back.  If you live in western WA, you know that you should never, ever drive on Highway 2 on a Sunday afternoon.  And guess what highway Gold Bar is on . . . that's right, Hwy 2.  We were in stop and go traffic for at least 45 min, and I think we went less than 10 miles in that time.  Thankfully we passed a McD's (not that I like McD's but we were all starving, it was 2:30 by this time), so we went through the drive thru and got some very nasty food.

We got home and Chris and Damian set up a make-shift panning station in the backyard and played with some "paydirt" we bought at the store so they could practice, while I cooked dinner.  We watched Beautiful Creatures after dinner (another Father's Day present) and just hung out. 

I didn't run on Sunday, I felt like I could have, I wasn't sore at all, except maybe my feet, a little.  The most surprising soreness I had (and still have a little) is my second toe on both feet.  The nail hurts.  I think I let my toenails get too long, which I didn't think they were.  I had a pedicure a couple weeks ago and I always ask them to cut my nails short, but I don't think they cut them short enough.  I'm going to have to tell them shorter, and probably trim them myself between pedicures. 

I did go for a 4 mile run on Monday.  I was about half a mile from home and I got a very bad pain on the top of my right foot.  I don't know what it was, but I can still feel it sometimes when I walk.  Because of that, I took yesterday as a rest day, but I'm hoping to go running this evening.  I'm a little worried about my foot though, I don't have any idea what that pain is.  I should maybe find a sports doctor, but I don't know where to look for one, so I've put it off.  I know I would really love a sports massage, I think my legs could really use it.

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