Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend update

Well, my weekend was sort of a bust exercise-wise.  I haven't been "feeling" my runs lately, I've been doing them, but it's kinda been a struggle to get out the door. 

Last week was Damian's last week of the regular season of Little League.  He had 3 games and then a double header yesterday (Sunday).  They were trying to get all the rained out games in and I think they were able to do that.  D also does gymnastics 2 days a week, so we told him he had to miss one of his games because he needed to go to gymnastics and he had soooo many games.  Thankfully the weather was nice all week and we didn't have to worry about cold, wet games. 

Saturday was the only day that we didn't have anything going on, but I was going to do my long run because of Sunday's double header.  I planned to do 12 or 12 1/2 miles in preparation for the half marathon this Saturday (which I haven't registered for).  However, I didn't really want to run at all.  I put it off all morning, then was debating whether or not to do any run.  One good thing about having a Facebook page is that if I post about something, then I feel I have to follow through (actually, the same is true for this blog, but I get responses much quicker on my FB page than I do here, so it's easier to not follow through).   Anyway, I posted that I was thinking of not running, and I got a lot of encouragement to just lace up and get out.  So I did.
I did have some time to make a pretty cool lego road
with Maddox.  =)
I was going to only run 5 miles though, but then at the beginning I decided to head a different way and add a little time.  That equaled to just under 1 mile, so I added a little more in the middle to get it to a full "extra" mile.  However, at about mile 4.5 I was having some major stomach issues.  From the spot I was there was no bathrooms, or anything along the way to my house, so I had to just keep pushing and hope that I made it home without any accidents.  Thankfully I did.  =) 

We had a couple friends over Saturday evening, but I fell asleep on the couch and missed most of the visit.  Thankfully, they are regular visitors so I didn't miss out on anything extraordinary.  =)

I was going to run my 12 miles in the morning Sunday, but I just wanted to lay on my couch and do nothing . . . which is what I ended up doing.  No run at all.  I caught up on all my blogs, I was still trying to catch up on JD's blog, plus all the others that I follow.  I did catch up and then felt really lazy so decided to get up and do some yard work.  I was in a groove digging up weeds in my weed flower garden when I realized we only had a half hour before we were supposed to leave for D's baseball games. 

We ended up being at the field for 6 hours.  It was a long day.  Thankfully it was sunny, a little windy (and that wind was cold!) but the sun is always nice. 
Chris volunteered to cook hot dogs for
everyone one between the two games. 

Damian in his catcher's pads
on deck to bat.
Damian's team this year was really great.  I think this was the best team he's had in the 8 years he's been playing.  Not only did they win 14 of 17 games, but also he had a great coach and the communication with the parents was amazing.  D has gotten amazingly good this year.  I'm a little excited to see what high school baseball brings him.  =) 

After the games I had the desire to go for a run, but it was already 8pm and we needed to get Maddox in bed.  I ended up not running at all.  So now I'm terrified to run the half marathon this Saturday.  Since I haven't actually registered, I could avoid it, but would I kick myself if I did?  The farthest I've ever run is 11 miles, and those were hard miles, so I'm scared that I won't be able to do 13.1 

One last thing, I decided to do the 30 day squat challenge that was floating around on Facebook at the beginning of May.  I'm on day 4 today, which is a rest day, but I'm thinking about doing some today anyway.  =)


  1. Well, even if the exercise didn't work out exactly as you wanted, it still sounds like you had a nice weekend!

  2. Don't kick yourself. Your body, mind and spirit needed the break from running. Now immediately (do not pass go do not collect....) sign up for the half!!! I'm serious! You can do it. You have it in you. You will do great! (And I love reading race reports!!!! ). You will kick yourself in the arse if you do not do it!!!!! Doooooo it!!!!!! :-)