Thursday, June 27, 2013

Treadmill running

Tuesday turned out to be way busier than I expected and I did not get a run in.  I really hate unexpected rest days, but at  least my schedule is not as busy as it was when Damian was in the middle of baseball season, so I don't HAVE to rest on Wednesdays anymore.  (D is actually doing All-Stars baseball, so he still has practices, but no games until the district tournament in a week.) 

Yesterday I got out of my training a little early, so I was able to run before going to dinner for Chris's birthday.  I don't know why, but my treadmill has really been calling my name, so I've been doing all my runs on that lately.  It hasn't been hot here (I wish it was!) and it's not raining much so there's no excuse to not run outside, I just have felt like getting on the treadmill. 

I guess I have the feeling that running on the treadmill isn't "real" running.  I always feel like I'm cheating if I'm running on my treadmill during daylight hours.  I see other runners running sometimes while I'm on my treadmill and am always kind of embarrassed if they see me on my treadmill. 

Before I ran yesterday I had sort of an "ah ha" moment, where I thought that who cares if I run on my treadmill or outside, I am running.  I love to run, so where ever I choose to do that, it's okay.  Then I saw someone running up the hill on the sidewalk, and I went back to that feeling of being embarrassed that I was running on my treadmill in the middle of the day for no good reason.  Oh well, I will most likely continue to run on my treadmill when I want to, afterall, that is why I bought it.  =)  It is funny though, a few months ago I talked about my love affair with my treadmill ending, and here I am loving it again.  I guess it will come and go.  =)

Speaking of runners on the streets. . .  does anyone else stare at them if you happen to pass them while driving?  I can spot a runner a mile away and then will watch them until I pass them.  I probably look kind of creepy, but there's just a part of me that ALWAYS wishes I was out there running as well, even if I just got done running.  My absolute favorite people to watch run are the ones that are not the "obvious" long term runner.  The ones that look like they are "newbie" runners, that have some weight to lose.  I love the dedication and determination it took for them to get out and run.  I pray that they continue on this amazing journey of running and don't stop even though they will want to. 

My obsession has gotten so bad that when I pass a runner on the street, I want to honk my horn, wave, clap, something to show my admiration and that I am one of them.  However, I think I would look more crazy than supportive so I always just keep driving (and staring).   I wonder how many runners stare at me when they pass me in their cars, wishing they were out there running. =)

It's funny, because I've mentioned to Chris how I always, always notice the runners on the street.  So now he's pointing them out to me.  However, he always points them out about 5 blocks after I've already seen them.  =)


  1. Now that you mention it I have always been entranced by runners and joggers as well. And I think it is for the same reason, because I admire them so much and wish I was able to do that. Hopefully someday!

  2. Dang! I wished we lived in the same town. I'd PAY you to honk at me to help keep me motivated! :-)

    1. If there was a "like" button like facebook, I would have liked this comment a million times. :-)

  3. I don't think I'll ever love the treadmill, but I certainly hope I have one in the winter time.