Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Goal mileage, half marathon training, and shoes

I have a goal of an average of 100 miles every month this year.  However, I didn't make this goal until May or June, and missed the 100 mile mark for January, February, May, and June (interesting how I made this goal on the months I ran the least so far this year).  (So I guess my goal is more of 1200 miles for the year.)  The 4 months that I was under 100 miles gave me a deficit of 28.98 miles, however, my highest mileage month was April at 116.06, and that combined with March (100.55) puts me at a deficit of only 12.37.  Totally doable.  This month I have really gotten serious with my running again.  I mean, I was always serious, but I got lazy, just logging an average of 4 miles a day and calling it good.  No long runs, no speed work, nothing.  As of right now, I am at 94.7 miles for July, and considering there's 2 days left, and I plan to run both those days, I will get over 100 miles this month.  I'm hoping to do 5 today and then maybe 6 tomorrow, that put me at 105.7, which will be my second highest mileage month so far.  =)

I also NEED to remember to register for the Skagit Flats half marathon, the registration goes up August 1st and there is no guarantee I'd get a female shirt if I don't register by tomorrow. 

Speaking of my next half marathon, I have not been able to increase my mileage very well to train for it.  I'm a little worried, but I've been soooooo busy this month that even though I've gotten serious again about running, I just haven't had the weekend time to log the long runs.  I've decided that I need to increase my daily mileage to at least 5 miles and try for a 6 mile or longer run in the middle of the week, but that is hard. 

Last weekend I didn't run at all.  I ran 4 miles on Friday and then intended to run on Sunday when I got home.  However, I ended up going to our friends' house and didn't run.  This weekend I don't know if I'll be able to get a run in and then I'll likely miss a whole week of running while camping.  Mostly because there's no showers, it'll be hot, we're camping, I'm not too familiar with the area, and there's lots of hills.  I know those are all excuses, and I'll probably take my running clothes, but I'm pretty sure I won't run.  I do want to go on a couple hikes and doesn't camping burn more calories than living in your house anyway?  =)

So . . . that means that I'll have 2 weeks (oh that's scary!!) once I get back from camping to make sure I can still run 13.1 miles.  I think I'm just gonna have to get some long runs in the middle of the week.  I'm thinking at least 8 miles this week and 10 next.  eek!

I forgot to mention that I was getting new shoes yesterday.  I was so excited to get new shoes.  I have needed shoes for a month or so.  I must be really hard on shoes because my shoes only last about 3 months, or 300 miles.  That is on the low end of what I've read about how long shoes last.  Most of what I read has said 500 miles, but I get super bad shins splints after about 300.  These particular ones have about 400 miles on them, which has been why I have had progressively worse shin splints. 

Anyway, I got shoes yesterday, I don't know if I like them.  They don't feel as cushy as my last pair, but I know I don't like the Brooks that I had, so I will give these a try.  I have 2 weeks to decide (I can return them in those 2 weeks if I want). 

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  1. You've got this mileage thing in the bag! :-)

    Replace the shoes when you need and ignore the 'guidelines'. I KNEW my running shoes needed replaced...even though they were only at 200 miles or so. Apparently that contributed to my current foot injury/problem. (and yeah, I'm sure my extra pounds didn't help the foot problem OR the early demise of the shoes).