Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another weekend update

I haven't felt like writing anything the last couple days. I was really busy (but fun busy) over the weekend, and I guess I have just felt kinda blah since the weekend.
Friday afternoon I went to my parent's house in eastern WA. My parents had a geocaching event to go to all day Saturday, but I had already told Damian that we would go over because his girlfriend's birthday was Saturday and he wanted to surprise her. (She lives over there, which means they don't see each other much, thankfully.) I told my parents to go to their thing and I would just chill at their house.
My dad found a wading pool for Maddox to play in, and he set that up Friday for me. When I woke up Saturday morning it was cloudy and lots of thunder was going on. I was very unhappy about that. I had plans to spend the day in the wading pool sun while Maddox played in their HUGE yard. I had to take D to his girlfriend's house, which was about 45 min away (everywhere over there is at least 30 min to an hour away), around noon. Well, when I went looking for my keys to leave I couldn't find them anywhere. I saw my Mom's keys near where I had left mine, so I wondered if she had grabbed mine by mistake. I called her and, sure enough, she had my keys. I ended up having to take my Dad's pickup, which is not an extended cab, just the everyday, average farm pickup. So Maddox was in his car seat and D was in the middle seat, which made it a little crowded, but we got there.
When I got home the clouds had cleared up and it was getting hot. So I got mine and Maddox's suits on and we headed outside. Maddox wasn't very interested in the pool. Since my Dad had set it up the night before, even though there were thunder storms it was pretty warm all morning so the pool water was decently warm. I laid in it for awhile and let Maddox play in the yard. I was only in the pool for 30 min or so when I noticed that the shade was creeping up on me. I decided to move the pool to an area where there was no danger of shade all afternoon. Sadly, I couldn't move the pool without emptying it.

Once I got it to where I wanted it, I had to refill it, and that water was cold! Maddox loved helping fill the pool and probably could have stood all day pouring water in. However, I wanted the water to warm up a bit so I turned the hose off. Maddox went back to playing, and I went back to lounging. =)

My pool boy =)

My sister decided to come over for a little while, so I had to get out of the pool. Besides, my Mom had asked me to get a few things ready for our boating trip on Sunday, so I decided I should probably work on that. :-)
Damian's girlfriend was going to go boating with us on Sunday so I decided it would be easier to let her stay the night at my parents' house (it's a big house with lots of rooms, and D slept in the room next to me with the hallway door shut). I didn't have a car that would fit Maddox, D, and his girlfriend, so Barbara offered to go get them. That worked for me, and she is friends with gf
Sunday we went to Potholes (a State park that used to be sand dunes with a few connecting lakes, that over time the sand washed away so now it's a big lake) to go boating. It was the first time my Dad had his boat out for this summer and when we got in the water it wouldn't run. We were all pretty nervous, but my Dad figured out that he forgot to reconnect something, so he reconnected it, drained the water (yes, we had water in the boat, which was kinda scary) and it worked fine. =)
My Mom decided to go to church so she was going to join us afterwards. While we waited for her, we found a beachy area and set up "camp," ate lunch, and played in the water.

I loved the handprints in the sand.
Poor Maddox was SANDY!

When my Mom got there we went tubing and played in the water more.  Maddox rode in the tube for the first time (with me) and loved it, sadly I didn't have no pictures of it.  =(  We left our "camp" around 4pm, I still had to drive home, at least a 4 hour drive. 

Every year, the traffic from eastern WA to western WA gets worse in the summer.  Most of the main freeway is a 4 lane freeway and it backs up on the pass going over the mountains.  I usually try to leave very early Sunday morning to avoid most of the traffic, but because we had to go boating Sunday, I was hoping if I left late it would have blown over.  However, I think I was probably in the peak of traffic.  We went 23 miles in 1 hour and 8 min.  It was really horrible. We didn't get home until 11pm or so.
I had been planning on running while over there, at least 4 miles.  When I left on Friday (after running at home) I had 98 miles for June, so I really wanted to get over that 100 mile mark.  However, because of the timing, Maddox didn't take a nap when I wanted him to, instead he slept in the car on the way to drop off D at his gf's house, and then fell asleep around 4pm.  By then I needed to do some of the stuff my Mom asked me to do, so I didn't run at all. 
I ran yesterday and today, both about 4.5 miles.  Yesterday on the treadmill, but today I finally got out and ran outside.  I think it was cooler running outside than on the treadmill.  My treadmill is in the carport, and there is no breeze at all.  However, if I run outside there is the breeze from running and whatever other wind is blowing.  I thought my run outside was hard today, but it was slower than my treadmill runs.  I'm pretty sure it's the hills that makes it so much harder. 

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