Monday, July 29, 2013

My weekend

On Friday I was going to wake up early and go run.  However, I ended up staying up until 11:30 Thursday night and I couldn't drag myself out of bed Friday morning.  I called my sister to see what time she was planning on picking me up and calculated that if I was really quick in getting home and getting ready I would be able to do 4 miles.  I wasn't quick in getting home and I took a little longer than planned getting ready, but I did run 4 miles.  =)  In fact, I was even able to take a 5 min shower and reapply makeup and finish packing  before my sister got to my house.  I was really happy.
We went to Winthrop, WA for the weekend.  It is in eastern WA, but still in the mountains.  Winthrop is a very small town, it is styled in an old west theme, which makes it (I think) very cute.  It is a summer tourist town, so it has a lot of shops on a strip downtown.  The weather is eastern WA weather, lots of sun and hot, but it's still in the mountains, so it also has a lot of evergreen trees.  I thought it was very interesting, it had a feel of western WA meets eastern WA. 
The pass over the mountains (well, mostly over the mountains) was breathtaking.  We were reading something at a restuarant that kinda described the reason why Highway 20 was built, and it said that it was mainly built as a scenic hwy.  Not really any reason at all.  This explains why the hwy doesn't really connect to anything.  It just kinda meanders through the mountains and eventually (6 hours later) ends up in Spokane. 

I finally decided to try out the panorama feature on my phone, and thought this picture was amazing.  =)  I know it's really small, but hopefully you can click on it and see it better. 

I loved the color of the water.  It was this blue-green and we couldn't figure out why.  Well, we finally found a sign at an overlook spot that said that the blue-green is caused by silt from the glaciers melting and it gets suspended in the water.  It is really beautiful.

 In Winthrop, right behind our hotel was a river.  We walked down there the first day and saw these plastic chairs just sitting by the water.  We tried to take a picture of us sitting in the chairs but it didn't come out very well.  And yes, I was about to tip over.  =)
 While we were browsing the stores downtown I found this summer dress.  I loved the style of it so decided to try it on.  It was the only one left in the store but it was a size small.  I decided to try it on anyway, and was surprised when it fit.  =)  You can't see it well in this particular picture, but my stomach does stick out a little.  I carried that dress around for a long while trying to decide if I should buy it or not.  My sister found a cute short dress and she decided to buy it.  So I thought I would regret not buying mine, so I did.  I'm so glad I did.  Chris loves it.  Maybe by next summer my stomach won't stick out so much and it'll be even cuter.  =)

It was a very good weekend.  =)  After Chris got off work yesterday we went and had an impromtu bbq with some friends, which was a lot of fun, but I am tired.  I don't feel like I have had a rest in forever!

I am getting tired of always being on the go every weekend.  June 28-30, I was eastern WA visiting my family.  July 5-7 I was taking Damian to baseball games in Oak Harbor for his Regional tournament.  I had a break July 12-14.  July 19-21 I was in Spokane for D's State tourney.  July 26-28 I was in Winthrop with my sister.  Next weekend, August 2-4, we're going to eastern WA to see Chris's brother who is coming over from Virginia.  Then Aug 11-18 we're camping in San Juan Island.  I'll have one weekend before Labor Day, and then after Labor day school starts.  I feel like my summer has been go-go-go.  I'm ready to STOP.  =)

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