Thursday, July 25, 2013

End of the rope

I don't know about you, but I have found that the longer I have this blog, the more I see the same people commenting on some of the same blogs I follow.  So I decided to check out some of the blogs of the people I see repeatedly.  I can tell you, there is a reason why some blogs have a lot of followers, these people are inspirational and good writers.  I ended up following a couple more yesterday.  My "to read blog list" is getting quite long, which isn't a good thing, because I already have problems keeping up. 

I don't know how to delete blogs from my list, and even if I did, I don't know if I would.  Some of the blogs, okay, many of them, are small, like mine, and when you go from 12 to 11, it's kinda sad.  However, a couple of my most favorite ones haven't been active in months, and I just saw one that hasn't been active in a year.  I think I would delete some of those . . . if I knew how, but those blogs aren't active, which means they aren't contributing to my long list of "waiting to read blogs" right now. 

Anyway, the very first blog I started following is Runs for Cookies (really, who doesn't read her?) and I would attribute Katie for inspiring me to start a blog (as boring as it may be) and inspiring me to find other running blogs.  The running blogs that I follow, well, they are what motivated me to continue running a year and a half ago when I started seriously running.  And if I wasn't reading any blogs, I probably would not have run any races, because, well, I'm just not the type of person that would have done that on my own . . .

Wow, I am easily distracted today.  Anyway, Katie from Runs for Cookies wrote this post last Thursday which I read yesterday (I've mentioned that I'm behind, right?) and her post shot me over to Sublurban Mama.  I really got stuck there yesterday.  Kelly is funny, she made me laugh in everything I read.  But what I really liked about her page was her "How to Lose a 100 Pounds" tab.  It was informative, and interesting, and funny. 

It also took me to a link for a calorie counter that I found very informative.  The most interesting thing I read on there was at the very end where it talks about zig zag calories.  So instead of eating around the same amount of calories every day, you vary your calories every day. 
This is a snapshot of what my calories should be.  The top part is if I do every day calories, and the bottom is if I do the zig zag calories.  I like this because I can have a couple higher calorie days and not feel guilty.  The idea behind doing this is to prevent your metabolism from "getting used to" a certain amount of food every day.  Instead you're tricking your body and it doesn't get into a "rut."  It is supposed to prevent plateaus, which is something I get into all the time (like right now). 
Another blog I read, and I'm not very happy with myself because I didn't take note of who wrote it, so I'm super sorry if it was you, talked about dealing with being at the end of your rope.  I think that it was talking mostly about the end of your rope with exercise (I can't remember exactly and I can't go back and read it because I don't know which blog it was on).  However, it resonated with me in that running affects how I react outside of running.  When you are running, and you're dead tired, but you push yourself farther, something inside of you strengthens.  That stronger part of you, it doesn't just help you run farther, it also helps you handle things outside of running better. 

A great example of this was this last weekend.  I went to Spokane to watch Damian play in his All Stars tourney.  I stayed at my aunt's house.  Pretty much most of my family are borderline (if not full-blown) hoarders (other than one sister and my mom, who isn't blood related to that side of the family)(I definitely have hoarding tendencies, but try not to).  So, this aunt, she had crap everywhere.  It was pushed to the side, so the living room seemed mostly bare, but all along the edges was boxes and crap.  Try keeping a 2 year old to the middle of the floor and not in all the very interesting stuff in boxes.  Add in that I was basically on my own in watching him.  I had 2 aunts there, but one is dealing with poor health due to not controlling her diabetes, and the other, well, she just didn't help out.  So basically I spent a weekend chasing after Maddox, I didn't sit much (not at all during D's game) and had to constantly redirect him, which wasn't happening because he just wasn't interested in real toys. 

Well, I was pretty much DONE by the time I got home on Sunday, I was at the end of my rope.  All I wanted to do was go for a run and unwind a little.  But, guess what, Chris was still working.  So  I had to find a little bit more rope to hold onto and take care of Maddox until Chris got home.  I know that most parents (at least Mom's) will say that is normal, and it is.  Even if I didn't run, I still would have had to deal with it, I still would have had to hold on to the rope until Chris got home.  BUT I think that HOW I deal with it is different.  Before I would have been super annoyed that Chris wasn't home (not his fault) and I would have yelled and just been a b**ch when he did get home.  We would have had a horrible evening because I was at the end of my rope and had to hold on longer than I wanted.  Instead, when Chris got home, I went for a run, I showered, we had dinner, and watched TV.  We didn't fight, we didn't argue, I wasn't mad at Chris for working when I wanted him home instead. 

Being a runner makes me stronger.  Being a runner gives me just a little extra rope so that I can hold on longer.

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  1. Great, now I just added a new blog to my list...ha ha ha....and I potentially see my saturday being sucked up with me reading it from the beginning. :-) First out for a bike ride though.

    Have a great weekend!