Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend in review

I have gotten really bad at running on the weekends.  This weekend Damian started his Little League All-Stars tournament on Saturday.  The game started at 1pm, we were supposed to be there at 12, and it's at least an hour drive to where the games are played, so I had decided I would run early in the morning to get it done with.  Well . . . I didn't.  I lazed around all morning and then had to rush to get out the door in time for the game. 

D's team is pretty good.  They won, and played the hardest team in the league.  They play again this evening.  It was a really beautiful day here, sunny and warm.  But by the time we got to the last inning, Maddox was wiped out, and so was I.  Chris works Saturdays, so I was there watching Maddox by myself. 

Once we got home I decided that I could run.  It had cooled down enough and I felt the need to go.  I ended up running 6 miles, which was kind of an accident.  I went out on my 5 mile route, which starts the same as my 4 mile route, and decided to add a few extra streets.  The whole time, I was thinking I was running on my 4 mile route, so I'd end up with 5 miles.  Well, when I reached 4 miles and realized I was still quite a ways from home, I realized that I was actually going to run 6+ miles.  =) 

Chris found out on Saturday that his brother, who is in the Army and is stationed in California right now, was at their mom's house.  So he made plans with his brother for us to go up to his Mom's house and hang out yesterday.  We had to wait for their call, because they had plans for the morning, so we did a lot of weed pulling in the garden, and then I let Maddox run through a sprinkler.  We had almost given up on hearing from them when we got a call.  So we went up there late in the day and had a very late dinner.  I wasn't very happy about the lateness of everything, but Chris doesn't see his brother very often, so I just drank my wine and shut up. 

However, I didn't run.  I was doing some pretty intense gardening though, so I used that as my exercise.  Today is Damian's second All-Stars game, so there's no run in my future for today either.  =/

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  1. You run a lot (and good mileage) so skipping a few days doesn't hurt you! :) It sounds like you guys had a good weekend. :) I am bad about skipping workouts on the weekends. I ran Saturday, but not Sunday. Oh well.