Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Humidity sucks

Sometimes I wish I was able to get myself out of my bed in the mornings to do my run.  I don't wish this at 5:30am when my alarm goes off, at that time, all I wish is that my alarm didn't go off and I was still sleeping, and often (more often than not) I turn my alarm off and go back to sleep for another 30-45 min.  I do wish this when I am running at 7pm and it is hot and muggy out.  =)

Yesterday was a hot day here in the PNW (Pacific Northwest).  However, in the afternoon the clouds started rolling in and the humidity skyrocketed, but it stayed hot.  That doesn't happen very often here.  Usually when the clouds come, the temperature drops, but not yesterday. 

Yesterday I went for my run and immediately realized I HATE humidity . . . well, I already knew that, but a couple weeks with low-ish humidity made me forget how really terrible it is.  I have been reading blogs about others running in the high humidity and heat and how they feel sluggish and just plain yucky, I was thinking, well, the PNW is always humid and I don't feel that way, I'm lucky.  I didn't realize that the reason I didn't feel that way is because the humidity wasn't that high, and the heat with the humidity really does affect you a lot. 

(How many times can I say humidity in one paragraph??) =)

Anyway, I went out for my shorter run (4 miles), and that route starts uphill . . . well, all my routes start uphill as I live in a hilly area and like to end my runs going downhill.  As I was getting ready to go outside I saw someone else running up the hill past my house and then someone walking, so I didn't think it would be that bad.  HA!  My legs felt HEAVY and it was an effort to get myself up that stupid hill.  The runner that I saw go by, started walking at the top of the hill (good for her for running up the hill!) and I was so tempted to start walking too, but I hadn't even been running 5 min and I have run up that hill more times than I can count.

I noticed that the clouds were building and getting darker, and I was hoping for a good rain.  About halfway through my run, I started to feel drops on my face.  Normally, I really hate running in the rain without a hat, because I don't like the rain on my face, but yesterday I was praying for some nice big drops because it was so hot.  However, those big drops were just teasing me, it sprinkled a little, barely enough to even mention, and then stopped.  While it was threatening, I was thinking about how nice the rain would feel and I was picturing myself getting home drenched in not just sweat, but rain and I was so excited.  *sigh*  That didn't happen.  It was just a tease.

I did get home drenched, but it was all sweat and no rain.  =)  I wasn't ready to go inside yet, so I did some squats with my 10lb kettlebell.  Which didn't cool me down any, no surprise.  =)

I didn't attempt to get up this morning to run.  I will just run this evening, again.  It is still warm out, the clouds are still there this morning (it did rain in the middle of the night), but it's supposed to be cooler today, not a ton, but a little cooler is better than hotter.  =) 

Has anyone seen that movie with Demi Moore, where she's a stripper, Striptease?  The reason I ask is because I use vaseline to prevent chafing.  I started using it on my arms/armpits when I wear short sleeve shirts, and it worked well.  This summer I decided I didn't want to run in capris all the time, so I tried vaseline with my shorts and it worked to prevent chafing burns on my thighs.  Well, I have to apply the vaseline pretty thickly on my legs or it doesn't work as well.  I always think of Burt Reynolds in Striptease where he slathers himself in vaseline.  =) 

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