Monday, February 11, 2013

FMM - Quirks and Habits

Today I am wearing pants that I haven't worn in 8 years.  (I know, how sad is it that I have pants that I haven't fit into for 8 years.)  They were once my favorite pants.  In 2005 I was dating a guy (not Chris) and he loved these pants, he said they made my butt look great.  I grew out of them, and haven't been able to put them on since.  Actually, I think they fit better now than they did back then.  They aren't as tight.

This weekend I was lazy.  Thursday was supposed to be zumba night, but we had to go shopping, I was so into thinking I was supposed to do zumba (forgetting that I consider zumba one of my rest days, not that it's a rest, I sweat hard doing zumba, it's just not running) that I forced myself to go running at 8:30pm.  I realized while I was starting up the treadmill that I didn't have to run, so I made it short and fast.  I cranked up the speed, and did 3.1 miles in just under 25 min (8:03 min/mile).  I still fully intended to run both Friday and Saturday . . . I even bought new shoes.  =)
*sigh*  Instead, Heather, our "houseguest", asked to invite her boyfriend over for dinner.  Then I suggested she should invite her brother, because he needs to get to know her new boyfriend.  Then she asked if she could invite another friend (who is actually my babysitter).  Heather's plan was to drink . . . a lot. Well, I decided that since I ran Thursday and didn't need to, I would go ahead and skip running Friday. 

Have you ever drank with a bunch of 20-something year olds?  I am not 20-something anymore.  I drank quite a bit.  And I was very tipsy.  However, I did not drink as much as they did.  They (no joke) polished of 2 bottles of Fireball Whiskey, plus a bottle of wine, and whatever beer they had.  Then, right before they decided to leave (yes, they left my house drunk . . . I am a horrible person because I didn't stop them but I was half asleep) they decided they needed a shot of tequila.  I did have some wine and a couple shots of Fireball, but no where near what they drank.  I'm getting tipsy just thinking about it.  =)

Anyway, Saturday came and I did not feel like running.  Hangovers suck . . . and I am 30-something, not 20-something.  =/  Sooo, that means that last week was my lowest mileage since the beginning of the year.  Only 14 miles.  Which was right after my highest mileage for the year the week before, 24.5 miles. 

I didn't particularly want to run yesterday (Sunday) either.  But I decided to drag my butt out the door and just do it.  I decided I didn't really want to do a long run, I was just going to go for 5 miles, however, there were some elements of different routes that I take that I wanted to do.  I didn't know how far that would be, so I decided to just do the route I had in mind, and wait and see at the end how far it was.  It turned out to be 6 miles.  It was a nice day, a little cold though, but sunny. 

Once again, too fast.  The first 3 miles . . . all under 9 min/mile.  If anyone has any ideas on how to get myself to slow down, I would appreciate it.  If I want to run a half-marathon, I don't think it's a good idea to be running so fast in the beginning.  I may have to buy a Garmin or something to have on my wrist so I can see my time.  I don't really have the money to spend though.  =(  I feel like I'm going slowly, but obviously I am not. 

Well, it's Monday . . . Friend Makin' Monday to be exact.  =)

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Personal Quirks and Habits

1. Share one unique character trait that sets you apart from your friends.  I can't think of anything . . .

2. List at least two pet peeves that always aggravate you.  Lately, I have been very aggravated when my supervisor asks me to do something that I already do.  I work very closely with my supervisor, we have more of a "coworker" relationship, rather than "supervisor/supervisee" relationship.  And we have been working together almost 3 years.  I do my job, I know what my job is, but sometimes she tells me to do something and it's either already done or I'm thinking about it already.  It just annoys me because I feel like she doesn't think I'll do my job . . .
The other one, is Chris's naps.  He takes naps on his days off and it bothers me a lot.  I don't know why.  It's very silly.  But he stays up until 1 or 2am and then I wake him at 8am when I go to work, and then he is so tired, he has to take a nap. It annoys me.  It's stupid.  I realize that.

3. Is there a word or phrase that you say so regularly that people expect to hear it from you?  I really don't know.  This would be a question to ask my friends or family.  =)

4. Are you a risk taker, or do you typically play it safe? I play it safe, most of the time.

5. Describe your life as it was in high school. Are you the same person? Have you changed?  I grew up on a farm and went to school in a very, very small town.  (My graduating class had 14 people.)  I played every sport I could, but then so did most of the kids in the school.  I was shy, I was introverted.  I had two very close friends and I didn't hang out with anyone else.  I was the "good girl."  I went to church 3 times a week (Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday evening).  I was very active in my church and I was the "popular" one there.  My church was in a different town than my school.  So the people I went to church with, were not the people I went to school with.  I was conservative and rather judgemental. 
Now . . . I am not like that at all.  I still have some conservative characteristics, but my views have changed so much that most of them are almost completely opposite of what they were.  I am still introverted, but not as much as I used to be.  I still don't have a lot of friends.    Writing it down like this makes me seem like I'm very much the same, however, I am not.  I sometimes think that I would like to go back to high school as the person I am today and see how others reacted to me.  I think I'm better than I was.  Back then, people thought that I thought I was better than them.  In fact, several people who later became my friends, said that is what they thought of me.  I never, ever thought I was better than others, I was just extremely shy.  I would walk through the halls reading a book. 

6. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done that you’re glad you did? Sadly, I can't think of anything that I've done that was crazy.  I would like to go skydiving, but haven't, would like to go bungee jumping, or rock climbing, but haven't.

7. Do you ever talk to yourself? If so, share an example.  I think everyone talks to themselves at some point.  I don't have an example for you.

8. Share something you did that unexpectedly helped shape your life.  Getting divorced and then back together with my husband.  I know it's crazy, but even though the divorce is one of those things that I regret, it's also one of those things that has completely changed my life.  If Chris and I had stayed together, I would not be the person I am today.  I was a single mom for 6 years, Damian's and my relationship would be 100% different if I had stayed with Chris during that time.  I probably would have more kids.  Maddox wouldn't have been born, because I would have had at least one (maybe 2) more in my 20's and then would not have wanted another in my 30's.  I think my view points on life changed a lot in those 6 years, and they might not have if I had stayed with Chris during that time. 

9. Do you follow a strict routine, or are you a free spirit? Are you somewhere in between? I wake up between 6-6:30, go to work at 8, go home, run or don't, zumba or not, eat dinner around 6:30, go to bed when I'm tired.  Damian's sports are thrown in there somewhere and we go shopping once a week.  =)  That is my routine. It is not strict, I don't care if I miss something (well, other than running and zumba . . . and I don't like dinner later than 6:30). 

10. Share something about yourself that you hope will inspire others. Life doesn't always work out the way you expect, or want, it to.  However, it always works out.  My life, my story, has definitely shown that.  If you had asked me when I was 20 where I would be at 36, it would not be in the place I am now.  However, the place I am now, is better than where I pictured myself at 20.  Who knows what the future will hold. =)

**Sometimes I feel as if FMM questions are aimed at people with much more exciting lives than me.  I lead a pretty boring, hum-drum life.  =)

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*Only 16 days left until Disneyland!!  It's getting close!


  1. Cathy ... Just passing by from FMM

    ... your answers are plenty interesting to someone like me who lives over the other side of the pond and doesn't have children.

    It's not about who has the most exciting answers it's about different life's :-)

  2. My boyfriend doesn't nap but he stays up really late on the weekends and sleeps in forever the next morning. It drives me CRAZY. I tried adjusting my schedule to match, but I don't feel fulfilled by my days off if I sleep them away. GRRRRRR irrational pet peeves.

    Anyway, I'm stopping by for a belated FMM. I answered the questions too at: :)