Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day. =)

We are doing nothing today.  I suggested we make dinner as a family tonight since we don't have the money to go out.  So we are making pizza tonight, and maybe I'll talk them (them being Chris and Damian) into a movie that is not horror related.  =) 

Chris isn't that into Valentine's Day.  He thinks everything is overpriced (which it is) but I like the flowers and the candy and going out to dinner.  I would totally be into all of the hearts and flowery stuff that Valentine's represents, but that is not important at all to Chris.  I think I'll be lucky if I get a card when I really want a dozen roses and some jewelry.  =) 
Wouldn't this be nice =)

I wrote this before lunchtime.  When I went home for lunch I was pretty disappointed that Chris hadn't made me lunch.  I have not been in a good mood today, so I was really unhappy with him even though it was my assumption that he might.  He went to the store to get pepperoni for our pizza and came back with a dozen red roses and some candy.  He's a sweet guy. =) 

Some days I really dread going for a run, and some days I think I'm going to dread it but really don't.  I don't understand it.  Monday I could barely stand to do 4 miles.  I hated almost every min of being on the treadmill.  Yesterday I wanted to run outside, but because of Damian going to gymnastics I knew I wouldn't have time.  So I did it later in the evening and felt awesome.  I did 5 miles, not once did I feel like I couldn't do 5 miles.  After I was done I felt so good that I decided to get out my kettle bells and do that for a little while as well.   
I bumped up the speed when I had a quarter mile left to 8 mph.  It was fast.  It
was doable (for a short amount of time).  It made me happy. =)
I really want to do the Dirty Dash and Chris expressed interest in it as well.  He started running on the treadmill, well, he's only done it 2 times in 5 days, but it's better than nothing. I just wish he would be more interested in getting fit.  I would like to do stuff with him that is more active than watching TV.  =/

I am seriously in a complaining mood today.  I am trying to think of stuff to say and I'm really coming up blank. 
Tuesday I went to zumba.  I don't know anyone in the class, although they are mostly all familiar faces, since I've been going for so long.  Anyway, I usually stand there and just look silly while we wait for it to start.  It seems like everyone there knows everyone else.  (I think it's because this particular class was started at a church, and then the leader opened a studio, but a lot of the people from the church go to the studio now.)  Well, Tuesday I was standing there in all my awkwardness, when the girl next to me says "Cathy?"  I had looked at her before she said my name and she didn't look familiar at all (not even one of the regulars at zumba), but then after she said my name, she looked vaguely familiar.  She said she was from Northwest Youth Services (where I worked before my current job, she worked at a different office than I did and we rarely saw each other) and then I remembered her.  We talked a little while, and she said she tries to go to zumba 3 times a week.  Well, then I felt really awkward because I go once a week, and haven't even been doing that since December because I get busy.  It seems every time I go there's new songs that I don't know.  Anyway, it made my "zumba experience" less than ideal because now I'm standing with someone I barely know, who is going to know all the moves that I don't know.  =)  It's so shallow and silly.  I think girls are horrible at comparing themselves to other girls. 

Well, this post is not very interesting today.  Sorry.  =/

*13 days till Disneyland! Less than 2 weeks! =)

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