Friday, February 8, 2013

Cirque du Soleil recap

I have not talked about my Cirque du Soleil excursion from Wednesday.  It was really, really fabulous.  We didn't know where we were going, so we had Chris's work GPS, but it's old and needs updating.  Luckily it got us in the general area, and then all we had to do was follow the line of cars.  
Just the Big Top as we were walking to it from the parking lot.
There was this one part where the guys were jumping on a see-saw.  Seriously, doing flips and stuff.  They'd flip to the other side, then flip up to a platform, and one guy would catch them and then "throw" them onto the opposite side.  It was amazing.  i couldn't find a picture of it (we weren't allowed to take pictures) but these others are cool too.  =)
These two were amazing on their unicycles

I think this was my favorite part.  They were just holding onto
ropes and doing tons of acrobatic moves in the air . . . no net underneath.
This was my favorite move of that part, she's doing the splits . . .
behind her body . . . in mid-air . . . holding onto a rope. 


Have I ever mentioned that I get way behind in my reading?  I will sometimes be able to post and read, and then sometimes I only read and other times only post.  Well, this last week has been super busy for me, so I've only had time to post and not read.  I am seriously only on Monday's blogs in my reader.  =/  I think I'm going to set some time aside this weekend and get caught up.  However, I have noticed that I don't always like to be caught up.  When I have down time, I will start reading, and if I'm caught up I constantly check to see if anyone has posted something new . . . it's a vicious cycle.  =) 

Anyway, I was reading Katie's blog and I really liked this snippet she took off of Weight Watchers site.

I think all of that is good advice.  I used to be really good at taking a vitamin everyday, along with calcium and Vitamin D (because I live in the northwest and we don't have sun).  I think the biggest one I have problems with is number 6.  Seriously, I am not an alcoholic, but I really like wine . . . and margaritas . . . among others . . . However, this week I decided no alcohol.  None.  Not till Friday (today, yay!!).  And I succeeded . . . well, sorta. 

I had a margarita okay maybe 2 at dinner on Wednesday and then a glass of wine when we got to the Cirque du Soleil Big Top ($19 for a glass of wine and a glass of beer!!).  But I totally am okay with that because we went out, and we never go out.

*19 days till Disneyland!


  1. I live in a small town, and far enough away from the Capital that we don't often get to see great performances. I'd love to see something like the Cirque du Soleil.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! :-) I would have done the drinks too....this is about LIVING.....and living in a manner that allows us to be healthy but to not feel like we are in a bubble. :-)