Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catcalls . . . good or bad?

Sorry I have been MIA for the last several days.  I have no reason, other than it was a long weekend and I rarely post on the weekends, and then yesterday was a busy day.  Over the weekend I ran outside every day except Monday.  Friday I ran almost 4 and a half miles and Saturday I ran 6 and a half, which made 26 miles in one week.  That is the highest mileage I've had so far this year in a week.  Sunday I ran 5 miles outside. 

Monday I went to a movie, I saw Identity Thief, which was really, really good.   Chris gave me a gift card to the theater for Christmas.  =)  I went by myself because Chris said he wasn't very interested in seeing that movie in the theater.  I thought it was great.  However, I love popcorn and licorice . . . together.  So I got a jr size popcorn and a red vines (twizzlers is gross).  =)  I looked at the serving size of the licorice and it was only 4 pieces so I thought, well, maybe I'll have 2 servings, this is my lunch.  =)  The next thing I knew I had eaten all of the licorice and the popcorn as well.

Then later that day I was debating what we were going to eat for dinner.  I called Chris and asked if he wanted to go out.  So instead of having a sensible dinner after eating a ton of crap for lunch, I ate Olive Garden.  When we got home I wasn't in a very good mood (probably from the food overload and no exercise), so I decided to go for a short walk with the dog.  As I was walking I started feeling better and decided that I should just run.  Gizmo is not a running dog, he's a pekingese and would much rather be sitting at home on a pillow than running, so I went home and got on the treadmill.  Let me tell you, that run was was the longest 4 miles I have ever done. 

I decided to take it easy on my run, but all the crap I had eaten that day threatened to come out of my body, I even had to stop once and go inside.  I almost stopped after going inside, but decided I should finish the last mile.  Even though I didn't work off all the calories that I had eaten, I was glad I had run.  It made me feel better and I was able to actually enjoy my evening rather than sit on the couch with my bad mood and feel guilty for not doing any exercise. 

Yesterday I went to zumba.  It felt great and I really felt like I worked hard.  Lately the zumba instructor has added several new routines to the workout, and because I only go once a week and December and January I really slacked off on going, I haven't caught on to the new routines very quickly.  Well, for the first time yesterday, I really felt like I knew what I was doing.  When I know the routines I feel like I'm able to get a better workout.

Over the weekend I had my first ever catcall (well, except for my creepy neighbor and he doesn't count), actually it was just a whistle, but I think it's basically the same thing.  I know that catcalls are so cheesy and stupid, but for whatever reason it boosts my ego a little (I would probably feel differently if it was something offensive).  Anyway, I always wear headphones, so maybe I don't hear the catcalls, but I did on Saturday and it took me off guard, and made me run a little taller until I reached the long, steep hill for awhile.  How silly is it to be flattered by some creepy guy yelling (or whistling) out his window as he drives by?

*7 (SEVEN!) days till Disneyland!!