Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not much happening here.

Wow, I didn't mean to disappear for the entire weekend, plus Tuesday.  =)  I had a very relaxing weekend at home.  Saturday I took Damian school shopping.  I hate school shopping the weekend before school starts.  It's a mad house, not to mention all the people out for the Labor Day sales.  I think that there were more Canadian license plates in our Target parking lot than WA ones.  My Mom told me I should have gone to Canada to do my shopping since the whole population came here.  But I bet they were just as busy with crazy Americans.  =)

Anyway, Damian got his school clothes and school supplies and we made it home in one piece.  I didn't run Saturday, but I did go 3.2 miles on Sunday.  I was thinking I wanted to try 4 miles, but I decided that would be too big of a jump.  I'm still not 100% with my leg and my endurance is barely at the 2.5 mile range.  So I guess I will live with my "short" long run.  =)

Monday I spent the entire day cleaning the house.  I have my living room set up so that the couch's back is to my front door.  Here is a very crude drawing of my living room.  =)
Soooo . . . the couch is facing away from the front door.  We have a baby gate on the door where the table is so Maddox can't get into the kitchen.  We rigged a gate between the couch and the wood stove so he can't get behind the couch.  However, it is really, really annoying to walk over the "gate" there and between the couch and the stove.  Plus, if we plan to use the stove this year, we can't have the "gate" against the stove.  Our catch-all place (including dog hair and dust and garbage) has been behind the couch.  It has a dog crate (which the dog never uses), books, and lots of electrical cords.  Anyway, I spent my Monday cleaning out that area. It was really, really gross.  We bought another baby gate and plan to put it in the door way to the hall.  I want to rearrange the living room and Maddox will now have free range of all of that area. 

Yesterday I went for another run.  I didn't go on Monday, I sweated a lot cleaning the house.  Anyway, I decided to add some sprints to my run.  I noticed this time around that I lost a lot of weight (again) when I was starting to run again, just like I had lost when I first started running in March.  I am wondering if it's because I alternated walking with running.  So I decided I'm going to try to do "intervals," run slowly and then sprint for a short time, then slowly again, and back to a sprint and so on.  And see how that does with losing weight.  Plus, I heard that it makes you faster.  =)

I was dripping sweat when I got home.  I could only sprint for 20 sec at a time and then had to run slowly for much, much longer.  I even walked some to catch my breath.  But, if I keep doing it then I will get better.  Some day I will be able to do longer sprints and no walks.  =)  And hopefully my weight will start falling more regularly.

I joined Myfitnesspal to track my food.  I now have joined SparkPeople, MapMyFitness, and Myfitnesspal.  =)  I joined SparkPeople a long time ago and was pretty faithful logging my food and exercise but quit when I joined MapMyFitness.  I joined MapMyFitness because of the app on my phone that tracks my runs although it doesn't work very reliably anymore.  Then recently I joined Myfitnesspal because a friend of mine joined it and liked it.  So now I'm using that to track my food.  Anyway, I have no friends on any of these, so if you have an acct on one (or all) of these, add me as friend.  I am cathyjane on MapMyFitness and cathyjanew on Myfitnesspal.  =) I forgot that I also joined DailyMile to have the widget on the right side of my blog.  So you can join me there too.  I am Cathy W. there.  =)  So that is 4 different weight loss sites that I have joined.  You'd think I'd be doing better.

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