Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekend getaway

I am so frustrated about my weight. Last week it was so good, I saw 161 almost everyday. I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning and then after my run. My morning weigh-ins were usually higher, around 162-163, but my after run weigh-ins were around 161.  This week all my weigh-ins have been 163 or 164. I know that the week after my period I always gain a little weight, but it's still frustrating and I don't really think it's okay, if I'm doing good and doing what I should, I shouldn't be gaining weight.  Obviously I'm not doing what I should because this morning I weighed 163.2.  I'm not running today so I don't know if that number would go down.

I'm going to Leavenworth with my sister for the weekend. Leavenworth is a tourist town just barely over the mountains that is most popular in the winter for their Christmas stuff.

This will be my first time away from Maddox overnight. I'm worried about how he'll do at bedtime, but I guess I won't be the one dealing with it, so I shouldn't worry. I am also worried about my breasts. I realize that sounds odd, but I'm still nursing at bedtime so I know my boobs are going to be painful tomorrow and Sunday.

I'm still debating if this is the end of breast feeding or not. I guess if I come back and he's not interested or I dried up it's the end. But I don't know what I'm going to do if I'm not dried up and he's still interested. He's 14 1/2 months old, which is 8 1/2 months longer than I breast fed Damian. Maddox is not a cuddly boy, so I use boob time as cuddle time.

Anyway, I'm sure that's much more info than you cared to hear. =)

The hotel we're staying in this weekend has a pool, so I'm super excited to go swimming. =) I kinda want to go tonight when we get there and an early morning swim, and an afternoon swim and hang out in the hot tub with my sister in the evening. =) I love swimming.

I debated about getting up this morning to go running but Chris and I decided to drink a lot little and have fun "adult time" so we were up really late.  I am soooo tired today.  But I will survive.  It's Friday and I'm leaving work in 30 min or so.  =)

I have a weird soreness in my side right above my hip that I originally thought was from doing the kettlebell workout.  However, I haven't done the kettlebell since last weekend and it is still really, really sore.  I did do Zumba on Wednesday and we did some core workouts, twists and stuff.  But it's only on one side and it's worse today than it has been all week.  I guess we'll see if it goes away over the weekend and if not, I'll have to go to a dr. 

Going to Zumba on Wednesday reminded me how much I love Zumba.  It is soooo fun.  I would go today or tomorrow morning if I wasn't going away for the weekend.  Thankfully my leg doesn't hurt at all anymore.  I am still taping it when I exercise, but I haven't felt a pain or even a twinge in it all week.  =)  I'm so happy that it is finally better.  I was a little worried about Zumba on it because it's really fast movement and sometimes jerky, quick direction changes, but I had no problems with it at all. 

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