Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Laugh like a baby

So, yesterday I went to my dr's appt.  I was dreading it.  I KNEW the dr was going to tell me to stop running for at least 2 weeks.  I KNEW I was going to have to go have an x-ray done to determine what my hip problem was.  I am so glad I was wrong. =)

He talked to me quite a bit about where my pain was and what causes it and what makes it feel better.  He looked at my hip, he maneuvered my legs around, but mostly he just talked to me.  (I really like this dr - this is only the second time I've seen him.)  And then, when he was done, he told me that it sounds like a pulled muscle in my core.  He told me to take ibuprofen, stretch and ice it.  And if it doesn't get better than I may need a few sessions of physical therapy.  I very cautiously asked him if I would have to stop running, and he said no.  I was so excited!  I couldn't wait to go run!
In other news . . . yesterday Kenlie at All the Weigh posted her Friend Makin' Monday blog.  One of the questions was "What is the coolest thing that you’ve seen online recently?"  She answered with a blog entitled “Hey, Fat Girl," and she said "it stopped me in my tracks.  I had tears in my eyes and chills down my arms."  So, of course, I had to go check it out.  She is right.  It is amazing.  I love it.  I have to admit, I have never been super obese.  I am definitely not skinny, but I have never been really, really big, so I can't relate to the problems that the super obese have, especially with getting out there and starting to run.  I do know how I still feel about running in front of others.  I hate it. 

I think one of the reasons I love reading the blogs I do is because of the inspiration they give me.  There are people out there that struggle with soooo much more than I do and they get out there and change their lives.  I wish I was more like them. 

I went for a great run yesterday afternoon.  I did my newest favorite route, which is down the road (or should I say, up the road, as the first 2 miles is all uphill) and through the cemetery and back to the house.  I love running through the cemetery, it is so peaceful and pretty.  However, yesterday Chris got off work late so I wasn't able to leave the house until 7pm.  The cemetery part of my run is on the way home, so as I was running in it (I run up and down all the roads in the cemetery) I realized that the gates are supposed to close at dusk, and I am in the middle of it . . . at dusk.  I hope they drive through to make sure no one is in it when they close the gates, but I can totally see someone being lazy and just pulling up, looking through the fence for cars and then closing the gates. I sped up to get out faster.  Luckily, no one closed the gates and I was not stuck in the cemetery overnight.  =)  I love cemeteries, but I don't know if I want to be stuck in one overnight. 

The cemetery I run through.

Today I really want to go to Zumba, but I don't know if I'll have the opportunity.  Damian has gymnastics (starts at 5pm), which actually fits well with Zumba (starts at 5:30pm) but Chris said he would go "wogging" with me today, and I really want to do that with him.  I would like to make it a habit to do Zumba 2 times a week, and run 5 times (which I already mostly do).  Maybe I'll do Zumba tomorrow evening and Saturday morning.  The problem with Saturday is that it starts at 9am and that is early for a Saturday (I am always awake, just not always dressed and ready for my day to start).  =)

Chris only "wogs" about 2 miles, so last week when we did it, and I had time, I went with him and then did another 2.78 miles running.  That made a lot of mileage for me, but Chris doesn't run fast, nor very far at a time, so I think it is okay. I will probably do that today if Chris really does go with me.

Maddox is so cute.  He LOVES blankets.  I laid that blanket down and he immediately fell on it face first (on purpose).  Then he got the bobby pillow and pulled it up over him.  I found him last night laying on top of his blanket in his crib with his pillow pet (a moose that he LOVES) on top of him.  He is so adorable.  =)What happens between childhood and adulthood that we lose the joy in our laugh?  We should stop trying to sleep like a baby and instead strive to laugh like a baby.  =)

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