Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have been tracking my food on MyFitnessPal and I have done okay.  Not great but okay. Actually, I just went to the webpage and totalled my number of "in calorie" days compared to my "over calorie" days.  Out of 38 days I was within my goal 20 times, out of my goal 15 and completely forgot to track this last weekend, so have 3 days unaccounted for.  So that isn't really good at all.  And when I go over my goal, I really go over.  I think I had one day where I went over by 5 calories (not bad right?) but how about the day that I went over 1438 calories?  That is an entire day of calories (damn Chinese food!).  Mostly I was over anywhere between 200-700 (which is still a lot).

The interesting thing I noticed was that I am out of goal on fat intake a lot, so I decided to count that too.  24 days out of 38 I was outside my goal in regards to fat intake, within my goal only 11 days and then there are those 3 days I forgot to track.  (Seriously, it didn't cross my mind at all over the weekend, which is surprising because I've actually done really well until then. I thought of it Sunday night and thought that one day wasn't horrible, then I logged in and realized I hadn't been on since Thursday!)  Interestingly, there were many days where I was within my calorie goal but outside of my fat goal.  And a few (very few) where I was outside my calorie goal but within my fat goal. 

I like MyFitnessPal because it gives you extra calories if you exercise.  I imagine it is similar to the Weight Watchers activity points.  (I have never done Weight Watchers and I have never talked to anyone in depth about how it works, but I have read several blogs that have talked about doing it.)  I would actually like to stay within the 1500 points it gives me at the beginning of the day and not use the extra calories I gain through exercise at all.  However, I don't think I've ever done that.  =/

Last night Chris made breakfast for dinner.  One of my favorite dinners, but he likes (and makes) sausage and bacon, waffles and hashbrowns.  All things I love.  However, if I'm going to be completely serious about losing weight, I have to refuse to eat everything, or even make my own meal. 

I remember a conversation I had with someone -  and I can't remember who, maybe a dr? - about wanting to lose weight and having a hard time because of the food Chris makes (he always uses a ton of butter and probably just puts fat directly into the food).  This person, I think it was a female, told me that I need to just not eat it, and I told her that I have to eat it.  Chris is making me dinner and I don't want him to stop, so if I don't eat it, he'll get offended and will quit making me dinner.  She didn't understand why I would do that.  And I get it now.  After maybe 5 years (I really don't remember with who -is it whom in this case? - or when this conversation was) I finally realize that I have to make the choices that are right for me.  And if that means that I have to make a separate dinner for myself on nights Chris cooks, even if it's oatmeal, then that is what I need to do.  Maybe, if Chris sees that I refuse to eat his fat-laden foods, he will become more conscientious about what he is cooking so we all can eat the same thing.  This is all much easier said than done.  Chris is a really good cook. 

I also think that I need to buy turkey bacon, or turkey sausage and just give it a try.  I know Chris, he will flat out refuse it before he even tries it, but I'm thinking something needs to change in my house at meal times, otherwise I will go another 6 months and still have only lost 15 lbs.

By the way, Chris has lost 22 lbs in less than a month, just by increasing his exercise (he wogs with me once or twice a week) and eating smaller portions (not healthy food, just less food).  I have been running (5 times a week) and trying to eat healthy since March and have only lost 15 lbs.

I was actually going to write about the wildfires in eastern WA in this post, but I got completely sidetracked.  I noticed on my way to work this morning that there is a definite haze, and I don't think it was all fog.  I even thought I smelled smoke at one point.  My parents are not in an area that is currently being threatened by the fires, but I do have a few friends in that general area. 

There are currently 5 uncontained fires in eastern WA.  The total number of acres is 55,755, that is a little over 87 square miles total.  I found this information here.  The air quality in much of the central part of the state is very hazardous.  Thankfully my parents are not in that area either.

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