Friday, August 17, 2012

Western WA heat wave!

I went for a run today.  A real, honest-to-goodness run.  I ran for 2 miles (1.97, does anyone else get mad when you're under your goal by a tiny bit?) and I had no problems with my leg.  I did have problems with my stamina.  It is so frustrating to know that 5 weeks ago I was running 4 miles every day. Today I barely made 2 miles and I felt as if I had run 4 miles. 

I am extremely happy to know that I can run with little, to no pain.  (I did wear my ace bandage.)  However, it is so hot out right now, I can only go running in the late, late evening, or early morning (which I did today).  The problem with the late evening, it is still warm.  The problem with the early morning . . . is it's early!  =)

I realize the heat here is much cooler than the rest of the nation's heat wave this summer.  Mid-80's to 90, seems so low compared to the 100+ temps elsewhere, but there is no airconditioning in western WA.  I don't know why, but I guess someone decided that the month and a half of summer here doesn't deserve to have airconditioning.  So, when your house is 80+ degrees and the outside is the same . . . it is very hot.  Actually, in the evenings when the temperatures are going down, the house is still at least 80 degrees. 

Our house has no windows that open, other than 2 of the bedrooms.  It's an old house with old windows.  So we open the door, but we have an indoor-only cat and the mosquitoes here are TERRIBLE this year.  So opening the door isn't always a good thing. 

Anyway, I'm not sure how I'm going to get my run in this weekend.  The temperatures are supposed to stay high and the best time to run is the morning.  However, Chris leaves for work at 6:30am, so I have to run at 5:30am, unless I want to take Maddox, and I don't want to take Maddox.

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  1. I give you credit for running!!:) I don't think I would run unless I was being chased...maybe not even then!!LOL