Monday, August 20, 2012

Stop by and FMM

My weekend was very uneventful.  We went from 90 degrees on Friday to 67 on Saturday.  It was a nice break, but I was looking forward to some sun time this weekend.  Even though I was looking forward to the warm weather this weekend, the crisp morning yesterday made me long for the fall.  I love the fall.  I wanted to break out my sweaters and boots this morning.

Last October =)

I went for a run Saturday morning with Maddox, and was able to go 2.67 miles.  I walked quite a bit, but mostly because of my leg, not because of my endurance.  I think I could have run more (endurance-wise) but my leg hurt a few times so I slowed down.  I am happy with my run.  =)

Yesterday I had every intention of running.  I was going to run in the morning and then decided I’d rather wait till Chris got home so I didn’t have to push the jogging stroller.  It was cool enough, so I was okay with that.  However, Chris called me at 5pm and said that he is still working and could be another 3 hours.  =/  We were also supposed to go on a date last night, which I forgot about, but because he was so late, we ended up postponing it till tomorrow night. 

I spent my entire day listening to Pride and Prejudice online.  I found a website that has classic books for free and P & P is one of my favorites.  I actually started it Saturday, but listened to most of it Sunday.  And when I said I spent my entire day . . . I finished it last night and it’s quite a long book.  I found Angry Birds on Facebook and decided to play that while I listened.  I also did a load of dishes, but that was the extent of my productivity this weekend.

So once again I am behind on getting my posts done over the weekend.  Melinda at Does This Scale Make Me Look Fat has “Stop by and say hi!” every Saturday.  I had every intention of doing it before Monday, but I didn’t.  =)

Her question this week is . . .
Where do you find new recipes to try?I use google, a lot.  I got sick of our “go to” recipes, so now I just google “chicken breast” or whatever I’m making that night and find something that I have.  I have also been doing some recipes I’ve seen on Pinterest, which for the most part, has been very good.

Another blog I follow, Kenlie, at All the Weigh, has Friend Makin’ Mondays.  So here is my entry for that this week.  =)

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: All the Weigh so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!
Inappropriate Questions

1. Will you vote in the upcoming presidential election?  I haven’t completely decided.  I am not into politics AT ALL but . . . I dislike both candidates . . . A LOT. So this may be the first election since I turned 18 that I don’t vote in, well, at least for President.  I have thought about just writing in Mickey Mouse or something so I can say I voted.  I’m a firm believer in “if you didn’t vote you don’t have a right to complain.”  Also, WA is such a liberal state it doesn’t matter who I voted for, WA electoral votes will go to the democratic nominee (Pres. Obama).
2. Do you say curse words? No, I try not to.  Hell and crap have made it into my vocabulary, but that’s about it.  I was raised that “gosh” was a bad word, so hell and crap are pretty extreme.  =)  I have been known to say the “f” word when I’m really, really mad at Chris.
3. Have you ever kissed a stranger? Yes, and I think everyone should do it at some point.
4. If you could choose to meet only one fellow blogger in person right now who would you choose? I’m not sure.  I love everyone I follow.  =)  I think I would have to go with Monica, she can be found at Fat Girl Finding Fit.  She is a great inspiration. 
5. What is the most inappropriate pick-up line that anyone has ever used on you?  I don’t remember a specific pick-up line.  I will say my most inappropriate pick-up was by my neighbor. 
6. Do you sing in the shower?  No, but I will sing loudly in the car.  And have even sung while I run.  I really don’t care what people think of me, I’m running because I like it, and I sing the songs I love.  =)  However, I try not to sing so people can actually hear me while I’m running.  If they are driving by, who cares, but if I’m running behind them . . . yeah, they don’t need to listen to me.
7. How often do you get drunk?  I don’t really get drunk, but I drink occasionally.  I enjoy getting drunk once in a great while, but considering I had never been drunk until my 30th birthday, I don’t feel the desire or need to do it all the time.  I would say not even once a month, probably not even once every other month.
8. Have you ever been fired from a job?  No, I was laid off because of budget cuts, from my favorite job, but never actually fired.
9. Were you popular in high school? No, not at all.  I grew up in a tiny, tiny town (500 people, 14 in my graduating class) and I was 2nd cousins to two people in my class.  They were very popular, and I didn’t get along with them, so I was not.  The way I am now, I think I probably would be more popular, but I’m not worried about it.  I didn’t want to be popular back then.  I didn’t care what people thought of me.  (I wish I could go back to that.)
10. Who is your current celebrity crush? Joe Manganiello, seriously, have you seen him?!?  If not, check out True Blood!
Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions.  Don’t forget to go to All the Weigh and link up in the comments.  =)

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