Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's a love/hate relationship

Yesterday I did the same route running that I did on Monday.  I still really like that run, I just can’t do the hills like I could 6 weeks ago.  However, for whatever reason, I ran a little after 5pm.  This particular route is on fairly busy roads (I actually choose that because I was running in the late evening or early morning and didn’t want to be on the wooded, deserted trail I had been running at those times), and 5pm is a HORRIBLE time to be running on busy roads.  I had a lot of cars watching me and I am so self-conscious about how I look.  I tend to run faster when other people are around.  Well, I knew I should stop and walk for a little bit because of my leg, but I didn’t want to be walking uphill with all the cars going by.  I always feel stupid walking in my running clothes, plus I know I can run up the hill so I want everyone to see me doing it.  Ugh!  Anyway, by the time I was going home and running downhill I knew that I had pushed myself too hard.  My leg was hurting and I knew that I needed to walk.  So I walked about a half mile home. 
I’m not real happy that I pushed myself so hard.  I had to ice my leg last night and took some ibuprofen  and this morning I can definitely feel it.  It’s not horrible, but it is not really good.  I want to go for a run today, but I don’t know if it’s such a good idea.  Maybe Chris will go wogging with me.  =)
After my run yesterday, I did the kettlebell exercises I posted about yesterday.  My legs are KILLING me!  Those squats are horrible!  I would actually prefer my arms to be sore, but they aren’t at all. 

I get behind in my reading blogs, but I can usually catch up in a day or two.  Anyway, Katie summarized running perfectly in yesterday's entry.
"I LOVE--dripping sweat, torching calories, using my muscles, feeling a little sore and spent, being able to eat yummy treats with the calories burned, sleeping better, relieving stress.
I HATE--running."

I think I mostly agree with her.  I love all that she mentioned, but I'm not sure I hate running.  I love it when I get about 10 min into my run and I've hit my stride.  But I hate the first part of it, and sometimes the last 5 min or so.

This morning I stepped on the scale, and guess what?  I didn't see 165.8 again . . . I saw . . . 165.2.  I know it's not great, but it's way better than seeing the same number again.  Other than the incredibly huge caloric meal I had on Tuesday, I have been really, really good with my eating.  I'm eating more vegetables and trying to be super conscious about what is going into my mouth.  I feel good about it.  =)

Anyone have Myfitnesspal?  I joined it and really like the way they track food and exercise.  But I only have one friend on it.  I would love to have more friends on there, so if you have it my username is cathyjanew.  Add me.  =)

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  1. I hope your leg feels better soon!!:) After I lose some weight..I might consider running...right now, I think I'm just too big.