Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sitting disease

Melinda at Does this Scale Make Me Look Fat hosts "Stop by and say hi" every Saturday.  Her question this week was:
What is your favortite fair or festival food?
My favorite fair food is the elephant ears.  I also love cotton candy, but I think elephant ears are highest on my must haves.  I was actually pretty disappointed this year when we went to the Skagit County Fair.  I completely forgot to have one!  I was pretty bummed when I got home.  I didn't even get cotton candy this year.  However, the fair was a lot of fun.  It was Maddox's first time and he loved the animals.  I did show some pictures of the fair here.

This last weekend was the last summer weekend I will have this year in eastern WA.  I went over there to pick up D and we went on my Dad's boat.  It was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed it a lot better this time because we went to a different spot.  The last time we went, we went to Moses Lake (which is the name of a town and the lake the town surrounds), which was fun, but we couldn't really get out of the boat and swim much.  We just did some innertubing and then went to the park and ate dinner.  This time we went to Potholes (link takes you to info on Potholes, about halfway down the page is the history of the park).  This park is a lot better to go boating in because there are lots of sandbanks and shorelines that you can pull your boat up to and then get out and swim.  Some places there is very steep dropoffs, so there isn't much of a wading area.  Luckily we found a really nice area (it's a pretty busy park in the summer and we were there Saturday). 

I went swimming with Damian and my nephew Matthew for a long time while my Mom and sister watched Maddox for me.  We had dinner there, my mom made fried chicken the night before just to take with us.  I think Maddox ate more sand than anything else.  =)  I'm surprised he didn't poop out a sandbox the next day.  lol!  I think Maddox had a good time.  He walked around in the sand and played in the water (as long as it was just to his ankles) and ate more sand.  =) 

After we had played in the water for most of the evening (we got there later-about 4pm) my Dad took us tubing on the boat, and of course that was a lot of fun too.  =)  We finally left around 7:30 and I think everyone was tired by that time.  I realize that the "official" end to summer is Labor Day weekend, but I really felt last weekend was more the end of my summer.  Coming home the weather has been steadily cooler and is definitely getting that "fall" feel.
My  niece wanted to go sllllooooowwwww =)


Reading my blogs today, I came across a term I'd never heard of before.  Mary at A Small Loss made a comment about "sitting disease."  I thought that was very interesting, so I googled it (I google everything) and found this article.

I also found this page where it says women who sit more than 6 hours a day are 94% more likely to die than those that sat 3 hours or less.  I find that statistic very interesting . . . the last I knew 100% of women (and 100% of men) die.  But it is an interesting read.  =)

Yesterday I went for an almost 3 mile run.  I wasn't aiming for 3 miles, so I wasn't annoyed when I didn't quite reach it, but it was a nice surprise that I had gone that far.  I am still walking a little at times.  I just don't feel 100% comfortable running the whole time.  My leg still aches sometimes after my run and today I can definitely feel little twinges here and there.  But to have gone 3 miles (almost) was nice and to not have much pain last night or today is great.  I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and hope that in a few weeks I'll be able to run the whole way and have no ache afterwards.  =)

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