Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stationary bike

While I was on the elliptical thing (it's not really a true elliptical, it has that function, but you can also do steps on it, it's strange) on Monday I was thinking how bored I was with the row machine (especially) and the elliptical.  I don't get bored with running, ever.  I have gone through phases where I don't feel like running as much, but I don't find it boring while I'm doing it (other than the treadmill).  So while I was extremely bored working out on this elliptical thing (I was doing intervals with steps and elliptical) I was watching the bike.  There is only one bike at the Y's gym, and I have never done a stationary bike.  I decided that on Tuesday I was going to get on the bike and I was going to do a kettlebell workout. 

So Tuesday came, and I got to the gym.  Chris wasn't home yet and I decided that I needed to get home early(ish), so I was only going to do 30 min on the bike.  I seriously thought about doing the kettlebell at the gym, but the weight room had a lot of guys in it, and I didn't feel like looking like an idiot in front of them, so I decided to just go home and do it.  I could feel right away that my (how do you say it politely??) crotch (sorry) was going to be sore.  The bike is old, and I don't think it is as nice as newer equipment would be.  Plus, I couldn't get my butt off the stupid seat.  I had the hardest time. 

There were no straps to hold my feet on the pedals and they kept slipping off.  And everytime I'd try to stand up I would almost fall of the darn thing.  It really was kind of embarrassing as there were a lot of people in the gym that day.  So I just pushed myself as hard as I could while sitting there. I kept experimenting with standing up, and by the time I was done I could stand for a short amount of time on the harder levels.  (Oh, and when I had about 5 min left I noticed the stupid straps on the floor behind the bike.)  I felt like I got a decent workout, I had sweat dripping off my chin onto the floor . . . 
I ended up going home to do the kettlebell, because, like I said, there were too many people in the weight room.   And I didn't do much of a workout with it.  I don't know why, but it felt hard, and I just didn't want to push myself.  I was ready to be done.  I only did one set, and normally I do 3 or even 4. 

Well, after my bike experience I was surprised that my *ahem* crotch wasn't really sore.  In fact, I don't really notice it at all.  I can feel the soreness in different parts of my legs and back, but not so much where I thought I would feel it.  I'm glad I didn't get any chafing there, I've had it from long runs, and it's no fun. 

I don't think I'm going to get any "official" race photos from the half I did at the beginning of the month.  I went to the Skagit Flats website, and they changed their "Race Photos" section to say something about "look for official race photos for 2014" instead of the "go here to see your race photos" they used to have.  I have checked the "go here" site several times and nothing has come up for 2013, just 2011 and 2012.  I'm really bummed about this because I have NO race photos from any of my races and I was really looking forward to seeing some.  (My first half didn't even have photographers.)  The only race I've done with an actual photographer, actually there were two, was the Tulip Run in 2012, in which I walked with my sister, and the Fowl Fun Run last November, and neither of them had pictures of me.  I'm really quite bummed.  I don't have anyone that goes to the races with me, so there is no one to take pictures of me, I was really looking fwd to seeing me run a race.  =/

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  1. Boo!!!! You NEED a picture of you at a race. I guess I've been lucky at all of mine in that I've either been with someone or ran into someone I knew and had them snap one if me.