Friday, September 6, 2013


Yesterday I ran 4.21 miles.  I felt good the whole run, but today my foot is a little sore.  I'm still trying to think of what I can do instead of running for a few weeks.  I have looked into going to the YMCA here, which is totally doable, it's not that expensive for a daily pass, but actually going to a gym?  Yeah, I don't know if I would.  I used to, but now?  I don't know.

I've even thought about doing Insanity again.  There are definitely some high impact moves in Insanity, but I could motify them to not jump.  I don't see me biking everyday like I do with running.  I don't think I would enjoy doing it on my own.  I am going to ask Chris if he wants to go for a ride today after work.  I have been debating about begging people on Facebook to get me free passes to their gyms. 

In 2009, I joined a gym.  It was the first (and only) time I have ever joined a gym.  I went after work every single day.  I loved it.  They had a "girls only" part of the gym and I did everything in there.  The gym was right across from my job, so I would walk over there and work out and then walk back to my car and go home.  It was nice because I got off at 4, and then worked out for an hour and was home a little after 5, which felt perfect because in most "professional" jobs people get off at 5, so I didn't feel like I was taking any extra time by going to the gym.  However, I got laid off from that job (budget cuts) and then quit going because it wasn't as convienent, and then I couldn't afford it, especially since I wasn't going, so I cancelled the membership. 

Anyway, when I first started going to the gym, I went on the elliptical, which I loved.  It was hard, but not too hard.  I did it a lot.  Then I "graduated" to the treadmill but I never got the rush from running on the treadmill like I do running outside.  I didn't push myself very hard  to get better on the treadmill.  I ran for time (instead of miles) and was pretty slow (compared to now).  Then I'd go over to the weight machines and do that for a while.  I lost no weight.  I got very discouraged. 

I think I would like to have a gym membership again.  I would like to use the weights, and I would like to be able to use other machines than my treadmill and running outside.  (Stair stepper?  Rower? Pool!  Elliptical!)  Anyone want to buy me a gym membership?  =)

Wednesday I did that kettlebell workout that I talked about yesterday.  I was sore yesterday, pleasantly sore.  When I went for my run, I was really tight in my buttock area (I just like the word buttock), =)  it took about a mile for it to loosen up.  Then last night while sleeping I could feel my body tightening up.  I didn't sleep well because every time I moved I hurt.  I could barely get out of bed this morning, and forget about picking something off the floor or sitting down.  OUCH!  While sleeping, I was sore from my neck to my knees (backside, not really front), but after getting up, I'm mostly just sore from my waist to my knees.  Who knew that running did not work those parts of your butt and legs?  I didn't.  After my run yesterday I was stretching, and I couldn't even touch the ground.  I seriously can't believe how sore I am.  It is not pleasant at all. 

I am thinking that I need to avoid the kettlebell for the next 2 days so I can actually run 13.1 miles on Sunday.  (Oh my word, I can't believe it's this Sunday!  I'm going to die for sure!) 

Last night we had the most awesome thunder and lightening storm.  The lightening was almost constant.  There were very few breaks before another one would light up the sky.  The thunder was almost a constant rumble.  It was way cool. 


  1. I think all the thunderstorms just went around us last night. Everyone I know from Salem to Seattle had storms except us! Bummer!

    Good luck on your half this weekend!

  2. How's the foot? (or rather heel) I have been taping my foot with KT tape (instructions on how to tape it for plantars fasciitis can be found in the phamplet in the box and online) and that seems to help some.