Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catch up

I tell you, not running makes it hard for me to write much on here.  I don't know why, but when I run I have more things to talk about . . . or maybe my brain is working better and can think of more things to talk about. 

I have been going to the YMCA, I even got a month membership (which coincidentally is cheaper than going to the gym I used to go to, even at the price that I have to pay because I'm not a "member" at the Y).  Anyway, last Wednesday I took as a rest day.  Thursday I decided to try out the row machine.  Other than a quick test on Tuesday, I had never been on one before.  I set it for 30 min and just rowed.  I have no idea what the numbers mean, or how well I did.  (Well, I do know how many meters I rowed, and I was able to calculate that to miles [3.7 miles].) All I know is that it was hard.  I totally thought that my shoulders, back, maybe abs, and parts of my legs would be sore.  I felt like I was working completely different muscles.  Surprisingly, only my back was sore for a day, and not even that sore.  (Maybe I didn't use it right, or hard enough?)

Friday morning Maddox decided to wake up at 3:30am, that is a little early for me.  =(  I ended up taking a sick day at work.  We were planning to give Damian one of his birthday gifts (his birthday was Monday) early.  I was taking Damian to a hockey game down south for his birthday and had a lot to do (grocery and birthday shopping), so didn't go to the gym, I just did a kettlebell workout while D was at school.  I did the same workout I did last week when I got incredibly sore afterwards.  I am not sore at all from that. 

In fact, I expected to be sore from the row machine (back and shoulders) and from the kettlebell workout (back of legs and butt), but the only soreness I had was some tightness in my back. 

Anyway, Damian and I went to the hockey game and it was a really fabulous game.  We used to go to games all the time when we lived in Lynnwood, but when we moved north I stopped wanting to drive south for the games and we haven't been to very many in the last 5 years.  At the end of the season last year, I told myself that I was going to take D more often this year, so I put reminders in my phone to remind myself to go look at tickets at least once a month.  We had a blast and Everett beat Seattle, and there were lots of fights . . . kinda a perfect game.  =)

Fight! - because really, what's a hockey game without a fight?
However, we were headed home, I got off the freeway to turn into Mt. Vernon and my car wouldn't move.  I couldn't get it into gear . . . at all.  I called Chris, but he couldn't do anything, Maddox was sleeping and I had the carseat anyway.  So he called his friend who came with his car and ended up pushing my car home. (Thankfully it wasn't very far.)  Chris and our friend decided the clutch went out and needs to be replace.  =/

I have an 1989 Toyota Camry that we never drive.  It needs a lot of work, and we've kinda just put it off waiting for Damian to get his license.  The brakes needed replacing, and it leaked brake fluid.  The oil leaks, and it leaks power steering fluid (I think).  Those are things that need to be fixed, but at least you can put the fluids in and it runs.  The bigger issue (in my mind) is that there's something wrong with the wiring to the tail lights.  There's only one tail light (brake light, turn signal) that works in the back of the car.  Chris called in sick and took the car to a friends' house on Saturday and they fixed the brakes, so now it at least stops.  I am able to drive the car to work and around town but I am constantly concerned I will get pulled over because of the brake lights.

So because I didn't have a car on Saturday I didn't go to the gym like I had planned.  I did clean out Maddox's room, which was very dirty, but I don't think I broke a sweat. Sunday I went back to the gym and did another 30 min on the row machine and 15 min on the elliptical.  I feel like the row machine is harder than the elliptical, but according to any of the websites I've used in recording what I've done, it doesn't burn as many calories. 

Yesterday I was planning on going to the gym, but my foot was bothering me a little, and it was Damian's birthday.  I still needed to wrap his presents and then there cook dinner for him.  =/  So I didn't go. 

I will post pictures of Damian's birthday later.  I think this one is long enough.  =)

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