Monday, September 9, 2013

A quickie

Last Friday I decided to go check out the YMCA gym.  I have been in the building before, taking Damian to go swimming, and I think I even swam once, but I have never been in the workout room before.  I know the building is old, but I was not expecting the stink of the workout room.  Like I said last week, I have only had a gym membership once before and it was at the nicest (biggest) gym in this area and I only went to the girl's only workout area. 

The workout room was small, it has 4 treadmills, 4 different types of ellipticals, and 2 bikes.  And it connected to the weight room, which was much larger than the workout room.  Anyway, the only people in the whole area were older (50+) men.  It was very obvious that they all knew each other.  They would wave, say hi, stop and talk as they were walking around the room, and they all stared at me. 

I used the elliptical, and went straight home.  i don't remember the elliptical being much of a workout in the past once I had "graduated" to the treadmill, but I really pushed myself and had a good sweat.   I think the toughest part of it is the mental part.  I didn't WANT to be on the elliptical.  I could just glimpse a bit of outside through a window, and I saw some kids (probably high schoolers) running by and I WANTED to be out there with them.  However, I need to take care of my foot so it doesn't get worse and does go away.  I seriously had to force myself to go the full 45 min I had set the elliptical on.

I did feel like I got a good workout though. When I got home, I had the same good feeing that I normally have after a run, so I went back on Saturday. =)  I'm thinking that I'm just going to get a month membership there, I'm hoping that's enough time to let my foot heal because I have already registered for a Zombie 5k at the end of October. 

I will update you all on my half marathon (hopefully) tomorrow.  Hope you all had a great Monday!  =)


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