Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday and the gym

Monday was Damian's birthday.  In true procrastinator fashion, we had waited until the weekend before his birthday to get gifts.  And then, even though we were planning on getting them Friday while we were grocery shopping we decided to wait till Saturday because I was taking D to a hockey game and we didn't have time.  And then the car died and Chris spent the entire day (from 11am to about 7pm) working on the old car's brakes, so we weren't able to go Saturday.  Then (of course) Chris worked late on Sunday, and since the old car has no brake lights, I am very uncomfortable driving it at night.  However, we had to get SOMETHING for him.
Last year D went snowboarding with a friend of his and loved it.  So for his birthday the only things he asked for were snowboarding stuff.  I don't know if you've priced snowboards, but they are expensive . . . and you have to buy the bindings (what holds you to the board) and the boots separately, and those are expensive as well.  Anyway, I was going to call some pawn shops in the area and see what they had, but with the car issues, I realized we didn't really have the money for even a used board.  Then Chris came up with a brilliant thought, his friend snowboards and has for a long time.  So he called him and asked if he had any used boards that we could buy off him.  He said he had a couple, but he lives in Ferndale (which is about 45 min north) and is working 7 days a week right now.  Luckily, Chris worked up there on Sunday and was able to stop at his house and get them.  He also had some bindings that he gave us, and the best part, he said all we owe him is lunch sometime.  It really is awesome to have so many great friends.
We did go shopping on Sunday, but we only needed to buy a couple things.  We decided to get D a nicer camera (he did ask for one) because we didn't have to spend anything on his big gifts.  I'm actually jealous of his camera, it's not super nice, but it's way better than mine, which I haven't even used (or know where it is) for 3 years.

playing with his camera
 Chris wrapped the bindings for his snowboard separately and hid his snowboard.  When he unwrapped the bindings, Chris told him that he was sorry, but we just couldn't afford the board and if D was able to save up half then we would pay for the other half.
 After all his presents were unwrapped Chris walked around looking for Maddox's ball, and then I said "I think I saw it behind the couch earlier" and we asked D to go get it.  I think I tipped him off when I had my (phone) camera out, though, but I really wanted a picture.
 He was super, super excited about the boards (Chris's friend gave us 2). He still needs boots and goggles, but the majority of the stuff he has now.  =)
 Damian wanted a cheesecake for his birthday cake.  Chris had one for his birthday and it was huge, I was pretty sure I had gotten it at Walmart, so even though we looked at a different store and they had some medium sized ones, I decided to wait for Walmart.  Well, Walmart was out of the giant size cheesecakes, so we ended up getting 2 baby-sized ones.  I fit 15 candles on the tiny thing, but it was very funny.  =)
I think he had a good day.  And thanks to Chris's friend we didn't have to go bankrupt and D still gotten everything he wanted.  (Well, except the boots.) 

So, my foot has ached the last two days in a row.  And not just a now-and-then ache, but a constant one.  So I was thinking that maybe the elliptical wasn't a good thing to do.  Yesterday I talked to a coworker who had PF (plantar faciitis) for a year (can you imagine?!) and she said she got PF by using the elliptical.  Now, she is much bigger than I am, and know that the more weight you have, the more likely you are to get it, but after this weekend where my foot felt really good (no pain at all) I was really discouraged about two days of a constant ache. 

Anyway, I went to the Y's website to look at the swim schedule again, but I really don't like the times they offer lap swim (at 5am and 7:30pm) and I ended up looking at the group fitness schedule.  I noticed they have a boot camp at 5pm, so I decided that when I went in yesterday I'd ask about it and see how high impact it is.  I ended up talking to the instructor who said they do a lot of running (yay! but not good for impact) and squat jumps.  He said he was willing to modify it for me, but I don't know how you can modify running up hills. =(  I'd really like to do the boot camp class after my foot is better, I think it would be a good break from my routine of running.  Actually, this whole break from running might be a good thing for me, I just wish I could run though. 

Anyway, he asked me if I wanted to do a free one-on-one personal trainer appt which I get with my membership.  I told him I was only a month member and he said that was okay.  So I set up a assessment with him for Monday and then he's going to work on exercises I can do (I did tell him about the PF) and set up another trainer session with him later.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I'd like to know what other things I can do and I think it will be really good for me.  =)

After that I did 30 min on the row machine and then 15 min on a very weird elliptical thing, that can also be used as a stepper, which I did for 5 min or so.  It was kinda cool, but kinda weird too.  =)  Damian wants to lift weights, so he went with me and messed around in the weight room.  I think I need to get him some sort of personal training thing to teach him how to use the weights and what to do.  I don't know, so I'm not a good help for him. 

One thing I forgot to mention, the trainer said that he has heard that lacross balls are really good for rolling your feet.  He said he's heard really good things about them, because of the dimples, they make really good deep tissue massages.  I think I'm gonna have to buy one now.

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