Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I think the weekend is good for my foot.  Instead of walking around barefoot all day like I used to, I am not very good at putting tennis shoes on as soon as I get out of bed.  I'm sure I look hilarious walking around in my pj's and tennies all morning, but I don't care.  I don't have a twinge at all (knock on wood) right now in my foot.  I think I try to get away with shoes that aren't good when I go to work.  I have a couple pair of shoes that are technically tennis type shoes, but don't have good support, and because they are more fashionable than my regular tennies, I have been wearing them to work (with inserts) but they are just not as good.  In fact, yesterday I had to go to court for work, so I was wearing ballet slipper-type shoes, which are a big no-no, but I do have 2 inserts in them.  However, I ended up going home to get some tennis shoes because I could already feel my heel starting to ache a little. I wore the ballet flats to court,but I just can't wear them all day. =( 

Remember when weekends were reserved for long runs?  Yeah, I miss that.  Sunday marked 2 weeks since my last run, the half marathon I did.  My son and my husband keep asking me why I'm so grumpy.  It seriously is because I CAN'T RUN.  It is driving me (as my Mom would say) batty.  I feel bad, I don't mean to snap at them, but the little things irritate me so much and it just comes out.

Last night Chris asked me again what was wrong, and I said nothing.  Then I said, it's because I can't run.  I'm grumpy all the time.  I told him that I've been running so long he has forgotten what I was like before I started running.  =)  I honestly don't think I was that bad before I started running, but I definitely know that running has helped, a lot.

I am still going to the gym, but there is just something about going out for a run that is so relaxing and mind-relieving.  Plus, it doesn't help that it's fall . . . I love the fall . . . and I CAN'T GO FOR A RUN!  Not to mention, fall is boot season.  I love boots (and sweaters) but I also can't wear boots.  I don't have any that are flat.  =( 

There is a running club here and I had decided that I wanted to join it before I decided to give my foot a break.  I see them every once in a while out running and yesterday on my way home from work I saw a small group of them running down the big hill I run.  They were going the opposite way I was driving, and as I crested the hill I could see a straggler running up the hill.  He looked like he was exhausted, and I really wanted to honk my horn at him to encourage him, but I didn't want to appear creepy.  I often think it would be nice for someone to encourage me up a hill, but I never get it.  But I don't know how to do it without appearing strange, so I never honk.  Any ideas?
Yesterday I worked late but because I skipped the gym on Sunday, I wanted to go.  I did 30 min on the row machine and 30 min on their strange elliptical machines.  I wanted to go over to the weight area and do some squats but it was already after 6:30pm by the time I was down with the elliptical and I knew Chris wouldn't be very happy if I stayed longer.  Maybe I'll try to do it today.  I haven't really done any kettlebell stuff for a couple weeks.


  1. hey Cathy, I just joined a running club and I am the last one struggling uphill always...I have noticed lot of people especially runners always smile at me and that makes my day and run a lot better :)
    I hope you get back to running soon, I totally get feeling frustrated when you can't do a certain planned workout... take care xx

    1. Thanks Tanvee. I saw your post on joining a running club and am kinda jealous. I had just decided to join a local one here when I decided to take a break from running because of my foot. It only took me a year to get over my insecurities and decide to join. =)