Monday, January 5, 2015

A look back at running in 2014

Happy New Year!  . . . 5 days late, but who's counting.  =)

I saw on facebook a page that I follow ask how many miles you ran in 2014, and I remembered that I do like to look back on my year and report my progress . . . or in this case lack of progress.  So in 2014 I made some goals 

  • to run another 10K (I haven't run one since my very first one in 2012) I wanted to PR a 10K and was planning on running the same one I ran in 2012, the Fowl Fun Run. - Fail - 
  • to run a marathon - Fail - 
  • to run more races than 2013 - Fail -
  • to run 100 miles every month - Fail - 
I am mostly okay with this.  All of my goals failed because I didn't take care of myself the fall and winter of 2013/2014.  My plantar faciitis never really went away, and I didn't "baby" it at all.  Even though my physical therapist had told me not to increase my mileage, I was so focused on 100 miles a month, that I ignored it and right away increased my mileage in January.  This year I have one hard and fast goal . . . to stay healthy.  Yes, I think 1200 miles in a year would be cool, and yes, I very much want to run another half marathon, a 10K, and even a full marathon . . . but my primary goal is to stay healthy.  If I can go the entire year with no injuries I will be very, very happy.

So what did I accomplish? I ran 817.93 miles in 2014 (if I had known I was so close to 818, I would have ran that last .07 mile).  ;)  I ran 3 races, and placed in 2 of them, 3rd for my age group in the Nookachamps 5K
and 1st in my age group for the Tulip Run.
I ran the entire Bloomsday race, including up Doomsday hill. All of those are big accomplishments for me.  =)  My weight got down to 143.8 but didn't stay there long, however I did manage a loss for the year.  My first weigh in for 2014 was 153, and my first weigh in for 2015 was 148.4.

My longest mileage month was April with 104.12, and my shortest mileage month was October with 0.

So here's to another year of running.  =)

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