Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More running

I don't post my weight very much anymore because it's always the same, right around 148-149.  Last week was terrible, I don't know what it was, I wasn't eating more, or crappy, I was actually eating less, I think.  But I also think I was drinking less water as well, which might have been the problem.  There was one day that my weight was all the way up to 151.  I was sick all of last week, I had the worst sore throat . . . well, I had strep throat, and I could barely swallow.  I was taking a lot of ibuprofen, so I don't know if that makes you retain water, or anything, but I wasn't happy with my weight at all.

When I have a significant loss (really anything under 148), I always feel like I shouldn't post it until I see it several times because it always seems to go back up to that stupid 148 number.  And my weight always goes down the week before my girly time (period).  I just looked and the last time I posted my weight I was 147 (and sadly it was one of those times that was just before my period and it went back up the next week), this morning it was 146.4, and that was after half a glass of water.  It's not before my period (that was last week, which may have contributed to the weight gain fluctuation) and I haven't done a whole lot more than I have been, although, I am able to swallow again so my water intake went back up.

Also, as of this week, I have increased my running.  Not by much, but I added another day.  This last weekend I decided to run both Saturday and Sunday, 4 miles Saturday and 3 miles Sunday.  Then I ran yesterday, 3 miles, and I plan to run tomorrow and again on Saturday and Sunday. That will put me at 13 miles for the week.  I plan to see how that has my feet feeling, and I will decrease if I need to.  That's increasing quite a lot, now that I think about it, from about 8 miles a week to 13, but I think I'm ready.  I plan to maintain there for awhile, and if I have any problems, I'll decrease again.

Today my feet feel fine.  I haven't had any pain, or tightness for awhile now. Well, every so often, but then I roll them and they feel better.  I don't limp getting out of bed at all anymore, and have fallen into the (bad) habit of not always putting my shoes on when I get up.  I desperately need new running shoes, but that doesn't seem to be in the budget just yet.  Maybe in Feb.  : (

Ari, the friendly cat.
Pandora, the unfriendly cat.

My kitties, because who doesn't love kitty pictures?  Ari is about a year and a half old and loves everyone.  Pandora is 7 1/2 and hates everyone except her human family (she hates Ari and Gizmo, the dog).  Pandora had gotten very antisocial in our old house, never coming out.  But since we moved she is always wanting to sit with me.  Sunday she sat on my lap for an hour sleeping and purring, which is soooo unlike her.

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