Thursday, January 8, 2015

A quickie

I have 20 min . . . can I write a post in 20 min?  We shall see.  ; )

I was going to do another post about my New Year's, but we just went to a friend of a friend's house (went there last year as well), drank a lot and went home.  (Damian has his permit, designated driver, baby.) =)  It was fun, but a long time ago now.  ; )
first picture of the year
fireworks outside

We went home, sat down, and fell asleep.

So what to talk about?

New Year's Day Maddox got sick.  He complained of a sore throat.  And then Friday I got the worst possible sore throat ever.  Maddox and I suffered through sore throats all weekend (and it was bad).  Maddox started getting better Monday, but I made Chris stay home (I don't have sick time yet) and take him to the dr.  The prognosis?  Strep throat. . . I don't have insurance either.  So Maddox got antibiotics (amoxicillin) and I didn't (I'm allergic to amoxicillin, otherwise I might have been tempted to "share" with Maddox).  And I worked through it.  ---Don't yell at me, I am one of the biggest believers in staying home when you're sick, especially when you know you're contagious, but strep throat is a good 5-7 days to get over (my throat is still sore, but at least I can swallow without making a fist, closing my eyes, and gritting my teeth) and then you stay contagious for 2-3 weeks after that . . . if you don't take antibiotics. . . and frankly I can't afford to miss work.  I'm poor.  I also can't afford going to the dr without insurance (or the ER . . . especially the ER), so I can't get an prescription for an antibiotic.  And believe me, Monday I DID NOT want to be at work, that was my worst day, nothing got done. --- Anyway, I am trying to avoid as many people as I can and I am feeling better, not perfect, but better.

Good enough that I went for a run on Tuesday.  It was a short run after I got home, nothing really to talk about.  I am thinking about running tonight too, especially since I had a donut this morning . . . One of my supervisors is really great, super nice and very enthusiastic about the future for this company, but he likes to bring donuts.  I think he's a friend with a popular donut maker in the town he lives in.

My job is going well.  Some frustrations with some of the way the person before me did things, and the expectations she created, but I'll get through it.  She was only here 2 or 3 months and very part time, so it's not like she made lasting impressions.  ; )

And that's a post.  =)  I did it, with time to spare.

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