Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weight and a big Bowl ;-)

This last week I have seen an exciting trend on my scale. The numbers have been down.  I have not seen 148.X for a week or so.  The other day I even saw 145.X (I can't remember exactly)  I have not been real excited about it because I often have a lower number here and there, but to be consistently 147.X or lower is getting me a little excited.  I have been at 148.8 (usually) for so long that I figured that was just where my body was going to stay.

Well, I looked at a calendar and it turns out that I am due to start my period this weekend . ..  I am always lower in weight right before my period.  So I guess I'll wait to get excited until after my period is over.  I will say though, that I have been really careful with my calorie intake recently and quit eating so much chocolate (Christmas brought a lot into my house and it's mostly gone now.)

I was really good with the chocolate.  I started buying more expensive chocolates that satisfies better, and I was limiting myself to one piece a day (not even a day, but more often than not).  However, Christmas came and we bought cheap chocolate for our stockings and I didn't limit myself to one a day.  It was often 3 or more (small sizes, but still).  I still have some of my expensive chocolate, so I think I will go back to limiting myself.

Anyone have plans for the Super Bowl?

As soon as we knew the Seahawks were going to be in the playoffs I told Chris to request Feb 1st off.  He worked last year during the Super Bowl and it sucked a little.  We couldn't make plans with friends and I had to wait till he got home before I could watch it.  Luckily, he wasn't much later than kickoff and we were only 30-45 min behind.  However, our then neighbors across the street had a huge party and when the Seahawks won, they were outside honking car horns and yelling at cars passing by, waving their 12 flag, making other cars honk . . . needless to say I was thankful it wasn't a close game because we already knew that we were going to win.

This year I was trying to get Chris to make plans before we knew for sure the Seahawks were going to be in the Super Bowl.  He was reluctant, and now it looks like all our friends have other plans, so we'll be at home alone again.  At least I don't have to wait though.  =)  And honesty, I'm not much of a party person,  I like the food . . . but if I'm trying to be good, then staying away from the food is probably a good idea.  =)  I hope the game is closer this year, I think one sided games are boring, even if we are winning.

I got new running socks. =)
Maddox likes them too

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