Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pitch Perfect picture fail . . . and win

Did you realize it's Wednesday?  Man, time flies.  =) 

This last weekend was very uneventful.  Damian was gone for the entire day both Saturday and Sunday so I had no one to watch Maddox while I went for a run, so I didn't run.  And because he wasn't able to watch Maddox while I ran, he was also unable to watch him while I went to the gym, so I didn't do that either.

Monday I went for a 4 mile run.  I feel great when I run.  I am not winded, I don't get tired (more than normal) and my foot doesn't bother me (while I run).  I am so surprised that a month off of running hasn't resulted in being less (running) fit.  My foot hurt quite a bit yesterday, more than it has for awhile, but today it feels great.

Yesterday I went to cycle/strength class.  I think I'm getting stronger hamstrings.  We worked on them (we do every class) and I didn't feel it at all . . . meaning, I could have kept going, which has never happened to me before.  But even though my hamstrings are feeling strong, my inner thighs are WEAK.  It was horrible. 
(I spent about 45 min looking for a  photo of Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect with her leg in the air saying Yes!  The picture that is about 2 secs after this one.  I couldn't find it, it's pissing me off, so you're stuck with this one.)

(I did find this awesome picture though)

Anyway, today I'm planning on running again.  After that we're going to the pumpkin patch, so expect really cute pictures tomorrow of my kids and Chris and I hunting for pumpkins.  =)

Because I spent so long looking for a picture, I now have to cut this short and leave.  Have a great Wednesday!  =)

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  1. Yay to running. Yay to running without pain! And yay to not losing your running fitness levels during your mandatory break!!!!