Monday, October 14, 2013

A cleanse?

Well, I did not end up running this weekend.  Someone mentioned to me that treadmill running causes a certain roll on your feet that isn't good for plantar faciitis.  I don't know if it's true.  Also, after 4 days of no pain in my heel, my foot hurt pretty constantly on Saturday and Sunday.  I really think it had to do with stepping on a zipper early Saturday morning, right on the spot on my heel that hurts.  It hurt, and the pain really never went away. 

My mom took me shopping on Saturday for my birthday and I got several new shirts and one really cute skirt.  I have bought new pants and shirts since I started losing weight, but I have been wearing the same skirts (they are really, really lose).  I tried on a pencil skirt, thinking I was just trying it on to see what it looked like, but it was amazing.  I loved it, so I had to get it. 

I did not eat well over the weekend.  It's probably just an excuse, but driving for 5 hours always puts us at one meal or another, so we stopped both going over and coming back and fast food restaurants.  Then while my Mom and I were shopping she took me to IHOP.  Although, I had the chicken florentine crepes (which were a fairly healthy option) I ate the entire plate because it was sooooo good.  There were 2 crepes and I was full by the time I finished the first one, but it was so good I kept eating. 

I think I might have overeaten this weekend because I decided to do my friend's version of a "cleanse."  It's 10 days of only veggies, fruit, and lean meat . . . and I started today.  I'm not completely committed to 10 days right now.  In fact, if I get through today, I might just call it a success.  =)  I am seriously craving everything.  There are a couple ladies that keep candy at their desk for everyone, and I have seriously been thinking about it since 10am.  Did I mention that this means no coffee? or wine!?  This may not be my smartest idea.

The whole "cleanse" thing kinda feels like a diet though.  I don't want to diet, but I was thinking that maybe if I cut out everything I crave (bread, sugar, and let's be honest, wine) all at once, I can finally quit eating it so much.  I don't want to get rid of it all permanently though. 

Driving back to work after lunch (I am blessed with living close to work, so I go home for lunch often) I was thinking about how nice of a day it is today.  I think I will do my "test" run today.  I could use a little time to quit thinking about sugar food.  I am going to ask Chris if he's interested in a walk, but if he says no I'm going to go for a short run.  And by short, I mean 2-3 (hopefully 3) mile run. 

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  1. Soooo??? Don't leave me hanging!!! Didja run? How did you feel?