Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nope, not yet.

Well, I didn't run Monday.  Chris said he would go for a walk with me.  I think he was thinking that he was helping me.  When I told him I had been thinking of going running, he said he figured that's why I asked him to walk and that's why he walked.  I think he was thinking that by walking with me I wouldn't run and I would save my foot.  Which is a sweet sentiment and I appreciate it.

I have to admit, I'm a little scared to go for a run.  I'm worried that I won't be able to run a full mile, much less 3 miles.  I'm afraid that my foot will hurt worse and I'll do real lasting damage to it.  I'm afraid that I won't continue to run, that my motivation has vanished and I will stop this healthy lifestyle I'm striving for. 

Today I'm planning on going for a run.  I'll have time, I don't have a class (well, yoga), Chris doesn't work . . . there really are no excuses to avoid it (well, we do need to go grocery shopping).  So I'm going to do it.  I'm not going to ask Chris to go for a walk, I'm just going to run.  Pray for my foot.  It's still achy but I'm going to do it anyway.

Yesterday I went to cycle/strength class.  I don't find the cycle part of the class challenging, but I like the strength part and I really like the instructor.  He's an older guy who likes a lot of  '70's music, which, I have to admit, is my least favorite decade of music.  He likes to ask questions about the songs and artists, and I don't know anything, so often I'm huffing and puffing and he'll yell say "Cathy! who sang this song?"  And I'll have to huff out "I don't know."  But it's lots of fun.  =)

So the whole "cleanse" thing . . . it's not too bad in the morning.  I'm skipping my normal 2 cups of coffee (which means I have had a 3 day headache) but other than that my morning breakfast has been eggs for awhile now, so I just eat those without toast.  However, lunch and dinners have been challenging.  I have eaten a lot of spinach, and a lot of chicken.  I'm getting kinda tired of the spinach, but so far I've made interesting chicken (well, just used different spices on the chicken) so I'm not sick of it yet, but I could use a big gooey donut.  Yum!  =)  Actually, what I REALLY crave is a cup of coffee.

I don't know what my motivation for this "cleanse" is.  Which is what makes it even harder to stick to.  It seriously feels more like a diet than anything else, and I don't believe in dieting.  I guess what I'm really hoping it will do is shock my system and help me to lose another 5-10 lbs.  So far, I haven't had a problem with keeping the weight off when it goes, but I have had issues with losing.  I hit plateaus for months at a time and then I have to change it up to lose a little bit more, and then it's another plateau.  I would be happy with a plateau at 140 (which is actually my unofficial goal weight).  (I keep saying I will be happy where ever I end up, but really I would like to get into the low 140's.)

So today's weigh in is actually pretty encouraging, my weight today is 149.6. I am thinking of ending my "cleanse" on Friday, so I will post that weight (if I remember) to let you all know how much I lost.  And then the real test is next week.  See if I gain any of it back.  What I am looking forward most to Saturday is a cup of coffee in the morning . . . and a glass of wine in the evening . . . and some red meat.  =)  Maybe some pork chops.

A selfie =)

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