Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This is my

th blog post. 

(Did you know that if you google "300" you get A LOT of pictures for the movie 300?)

I was going to think of something special to write for it, but I've got nothing.  Just the normal drizzle of everyday life. 

The weekend flew by.  Last week was homecoming for Damian's school.  He asked his girlfriend to go to the dance with him, but she lives in eastern WA (he met her through my sister).  Anyway, it turned out that her mom was willing to bring her over here for the dance, so they got here on Friday. 

Saturday I already had plans to hang out with my sister (a different one than who I mentioned above) in Lynnwood.  So I was down there the entire day, we went shoe shopping and then went for a hike on a really steep walking trail (downhill to the Puget Sound, and then uphill back to the parking lot).  When I got home I made dinner and the kids got ready for the dance. 

Chris took Damian and his girlfriend to the school and I got a phone call not even 5 min after Chris got home saying that the security guards wouldn't let his gf in the school.  Apparently, if you don't go to the school, you have to fill out some forms, including a background check.  Damian didn't know this, so he didn't fill out the forms.  I think he was bummed, but mostly just embarrassed.

Anyway, I felt really, really bad so was trying to think of what two young teens could do at 9pm on a Saturday night, and there's not much.  I remembered that a friend was taking his kids to a haunted house down south, so we asked him where it was (at least 45 min south) and off we went.  It was a haunted house/corn maze/zombie shoot.  We were there late (around 10pm) and the zombie shoot had a 2 hour line to do it, so I told Damian to go do the haunted house (I don't like them) and I would wait.  I was debating whether or not to do the corn maze but when D and his gf got done with the haunted house, the zombie shoot line had decreased drastically to only a 30 min or less line, so since D really wanted to do that, we did. 

Sunday I just hung out and watched a lot of football.  =)  But when Chris got home we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. 

In other news, I found out yesterday that my cycle/strength class instructor is moving in 2 weeks and I won't have a cycle class anymore.  =(  I'm pretty bummed about that.

I have been running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Some days my foot hurts badly, and some days it's fine.  It's usually pretty sore the day after I run, but yesterday it was okay, so I don't know.


  1. It's a shame that our world has gotten so 'bad' that kids have to have a form to take someone that doesn't attend school there to a dance! Poor kids!

    I tell ya....KT tape....use it on long or speedy runs! :-) (ha ha ha, can you tell I've become a firm believer in the stuff!)

    1. I agree, MaryFran (about the dance situation). I just felt really, really bad for them. Their first homecoming *shake my head*

      I bought some KT tape, but didn't notice much help. I have a brace that I wear constantly, except when I run (I don't want it to get sweaty and then I can't wear it). I guess I could try the KT tape for my runs.