Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just thinking outloud (or on the computer)

I decided last week that I'm going to move my weigh in day to Wednesdays.  Chris cooks on Thursday nights and it's never extremely healthy food.  I am trying to eat better, but at the same time, I am going to eat what he makes.  It is usually high in sodium, so that means that my weight will always be up on Friday morning.  This may be silly of me, but I'm hoping it will help, even if it's a little bit.  I don't remember what my weight was last Friday, I know it was high because Chris made breakfast burritos Thursday night.  This morning it was 152.4.  I haven't been as good this week in my eating.  I did really good for about a week and a half, and then the carb cravings killed me.  I thought over the weekend, "a handful of chips won't be bad."  And it wasn't, but then I had some bread, and then I had a tortilla (or 2) . . .  not all in one sitting.  I don't consider myself a binge eater, but I definitely added more and more crap to my diet.  =/

Monday night I ended up going swimming.  I thought about it all day and decided to just do it.  It is scary for me to do new things, but I decided if I didn't do something new, I'd get no where.  (It's the same as when I started running.)  It is kinda funny looking back.  I consider myself in pretty decent shape, but swimming is different. I used to swim a lot. My parents had a pool in their backyard and I never thought it was hard, so I thought I would go for an hour and just swim. Ha!  I was dying after 10 min.  =)  I told myself to swim for a half hour, I can do that.  Then when I was close to the half hour mark I was at 12 or 13 laps and thought, I can make it to 15 laps, so I swam for 40 min, and did 15 laps.  It was hard but I didn't drown, so that's good.  I'll go back.  =)

Yesterday I debated whether to go to pilates or cycle class.  I don't have a yoga mat (well, I do, but I use it outside all the time, so it's kinda dirty), and have never done pilates.  On the other hand, I liked the cycle class I did last week, but felt it was not as hard as I would have liked it to be. 

I debated right up until it was time to go to pilates (5pm).  By that time, Chris had taken Damian to gymnastics and left me with Maddox, so I was pretty much stuck until he got home.  I ended up going to the cycle class (5:30).  It's actually a cycle/strength class.  The description says 15 min of strength work and 60 min of cycle.  However, I have experienced (the entire 2 times I've been) that it's more like 60 min of strength and close to a half hour of cycle.  My legs are getting a great strength workout, but I don't know how much cycling workout I'm getting. 

Yesterday I decided to make sure I kept the tension on the bike higher than I did last week, but I still felt like it was not as hard as I would have liked it to be.  Although, in the moment, the strength stuff kicks my butt.  (But it'll be a nice butt.)  =)

Tonight I have the choice of yoga (I've never done yoga) or swimming.  I am leaning towards yoga (but again, I have a dirty mat), but the lure of doing something familiar (swimming) (you see after one day of swimming, it's now "familiar," whereas yoga is completely new) is calling me.  I know I can swim.  But I would really like to be more flexible, so yoga seems to be a good thing too.  (I am a little turned off by the "spiritualness" of yoga, I just want to do the moves and become more flexible.)  I have never done yoga, ever, so that is a double scary for me.  (At least I knew how to swim on Monday, I didn't have to learn something new, just do something new [go to the swimming pool alone].)

So, this is my (tentative) schedule for the next few weeks:
Sunday:  swim
Monday: swim (hmmmm . . . didn't think of it as a 2 days in a row of swimming, maybe Sunday will be rest)
Tuesday:  cycle (or pilates, but leaning towards cycle)
Wednesday: yoga (or swimming, but leaning towards yoga)
Thursday:  cycle
Friday:  rest (or swim, but that would require having Maddox at the daycare for an extra hour)
Saturday: cycle or swim (both are really early, 7 or 7:30am, so I don't know how that will work out) (if I go swimming on Saturday, that's potentially 3 days in a row of swimming . . . hmmmm . . . if I also go swimming on Friday, that's 4 days of swimming in a row, I think I may have to rethink this)

So really, I only have 2 days set in stone, Monday swim and Thursday cycle. =) 

I am liking the classes and doing something other than elliptical and row machine.  I can feel my motivation to go to the gym increasing rather than decreasing with this schedule.  Before my schedule was:
Sunday: rest
Monday: elliptical and row
Tuesday: elliptical and row
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: elliptical and row
Friday: elliptical and row
Saturday: elliptical and row
(The rest days varied, but you get the point.)

Can you see how boring that is?  Really, really boring.  (Although, we won't talk about my running schedule {run everyday}, not boring at all.) 

I really like the cycle class (even though it doesn't seem that hard) so I'm thinking I may continue to go even after I start running again.

I am feeling a little sore today in my legs.  I don't know if it's the cycle class yesterday or the swimming on Monday.  I have noticed that I don't usually feel very sore the day after a new exercise, it's usually the second and third day after, so my soreness today is probably from the swimming.

On another positive note, my foot is feeling really good.  Yesterday and today I haven't had any ache.  I am hopeful, but still being good with it.  =)


  1. Sounds like you are doing GREAT with the alternative exercises!!!

    Hip hip hurray for having no aches in the foot! I hope that means you are done with it!! :-)

    1. It was nice to have a couple days pain free, but it came back for a day, so I know I'm not completely done yet. :-(