Friday, March 31, 2017


Can you believe March is over.  Today is it . . .  I did not do great running this month, only 50 miles.  Nor did I do great with going to the gym.  Remember at the beginning of the month when I said I checked in at the gym in February 4 times but didn't go?  Well, this month I think it was more.  I'm pretty sure I checked in 5 times and walked out without actually working out.  Plus, I skipped a whole week of running, granted it was to allow my knee to feel better, but still....  This last week I only went to the gym 2 times and checked in 2 times. . . I ran 2 times, Sunday and Tuesday.

Monday I went for a 4 mile walk with my sister, Nancy.  And the rest of the week has been a little busy in the evening.  Tuesday I ran, Wednesday Maddox had his first tball practice and his parent teacher conference, yesterday I came home, cooked, packed, groomed my dog (because he needed it badly). 

Why am I posting so early today? because today we are going to Long Beach, WA. Remember this post from February?  Well, that trip was rescheduled for this weekend.  There was a lot of drama around this weekend and it turns out that one of my sisters won't be going.

On Sunday I went for a 5 mile run and I passed a speed checker.  I was surprised when I registered on it.  I've passed them many times before and I don't normally register, the only time I ever really did was when I was pushing Maddox in the jogging stroller.  I had to turn around and run by it again so I could take a picture.  =)

 Oh, and you know what else I got this week??  A draft of Damian's senior album book.  This is by far my favorite set of pictures. 


  1. It's crazy to think March is just about over!!!!

    I love the pics of Damian doing the backflip! :-)