Thursday, March 2, 2017

All grown up

My February miles were not great.  I averaged 3 runs a week, and my long runs were shorter than last month (12, 5, 10, and 8 compared to 12, 9, 13, and 7).  Total mileage for February...67.5, my average weekly totals were 17 miles.  Not great, but also, eh, whatever.  I'm not currently training for anything, I was sick for half the month, and my weight went down from Feb 1 to Mar 1 (I'm not talking about it, but if you want to look at my Scale Obsession page you can see the results there . . . okay, maybe a little brag, I'm down 6 lbs from Jan 1 and 2 lbs from Feb 1).  I'm happy with that. 

I have been lazy again in going to the gym.  I haven't gone this week at all.  I always go on Monday and Tuesday, and I skipped it both days.  I have no excuse, except I didn't want to go.  My insurance reimburses me for my gym membership if I go 12 times a month, I needed to go Tuesday and Monday to go 12 times this month.  Soooo . . . I sorta went and sorta checked in, and sorta walked out right away. 

I mean, I'm healthy, I run (maybe not as much as I intend to) and I actually do go to the gym regularly.  I have had my membership since August and this is the first month I've done that. I'm making excuses, but honestly, I'm pretty okay with having done it . . . 4 times this month. 

This weekend I'm going to my parent's house in eastern Washington.  We are going over there to go birthday and Christmas clothes shopping.  My mom gets us gift cards for our birthdays and Christmas and then we go shopping with her in February.  This year it's a little late, but it will be fun.  Normally my Mom comes over here, but we were trying to include our older sister who doesn't get along with our Mom and doesn't enjoy shopping with her as much.  However, our older sister made other plans, but we're still going to go over there because it feels like forever since I've been.  And I really love my parents' house.

Tonight is cycle class with my sister.  We both still talk about our original cycle instructor, Natalie.  We really liked her, she was hard, but she made it super interesting.  The new person we have is the best we could find of really, really boring people.  Last week we did "climbs" and that was so boring.  As we left she said "Next week we're going for mileage!"  We didn't really understand, I mean, it's not like we don't cycle for 55 min every single week, last week I looked at the mileage a little before we were done and I was at 20 miles.  That seems to be a pretty good distance.  Maybe we get more miles if we go faster?  I don't know, I guess we'll see. 
Yesterday I bought new dining room chairs.  I'm super excited about them.  The only time I've had matching chairs was when I was living alone with Damian.  My sister gave me two of her chairs because she didn't need them.  So it was only 2 chairs.  Then I moved back in with Chris and of course I took the chairs, but there were three of us.  My parents gave me 2 folding chairs, so we had 4 total.  Then the folding chairs kept getting left outside and one rusted and fell apart.  Then one of the dining chairs kept getting left outside and the wood broke and the chair fell apart.  We kept Maddox in his high chair for way past the time he needed it because we had nothing else.  We stopped putting the tray on it, but then he got way too big and we had to get rid of it.  Now we mostly sit on the couch with TV trays.  When we do sit at the table we have one dining chair, one folding chair, an outside chair and a rocking chair.  It's a little ridiculous.  These chairs will be my first ever set of real chairs, there's 6 of them, 2 with arms and 4 without.  I'm feeling very grownup.  =) 


  1. Your mileage may have been lower but it's still some impressive run mileage...even with your 10 gym visits!!!!