Thursday, March 9, 2017

Run Done, Wine Now

I have been thinking that I should write a post lately, but then I get to the page where I'm supposed to write and I have nothing in my head to talk about.

Last weekend I went to eastern Washington with my sister to go shopping with my other sister and my Mom.  My oldest sister, the one that lives in eastern WA close to my parents, ended up not going with us.  She had her reasons, and we were disappointed but not particularly surprised. 

While we were there we tried to divide our time between our parents.  Nancy, my sister, and I went for a walk with my Dad, which was really nice.   After lunch we went shopping with my Mom while my Dad watched Maddox.  I worry about my parents watching Maddox because he's so full of energy.  My Mom isn't very observant or attentive and easily gets sucked into a book or a TV show and forgets, plus her hearing isn't great (she's in denial about it) so she doesn't hear him when he leaves the room.  And my Dad doesn't have the greatest health, and all his meds make him tired, so I worry about him sitting down and falling asleep (not intentionally).  However, he decided to take Maddox out to ice cream and then to a carousel.  I think they had a great time together.  Then they joined us for dinner.

I don't care for shopping in eastern WA because I don't find as many nice things, but Nancy loves it.  She finds more stuff there than she does in Lynnwood where we normally shop.  I don't know why that is.  Maybe I'm more stylish than she is.  ; )   I didn't even find a pair of shoes that I liked, which is always disappointing.

I had planned on trying to get a run in, even if it was short, on Saturday, but because we went for a walk with my Dad, I ended up not running.  I did come home on Sunday and go for a run, a short one . . . on my treadmill.  The first time I've had it out in a year or more.  Treadmill running sucks.  I hate it.  3 miles was all I managed on Sunday.

I went to the gym on Monday and did weights, and then I got lazy again.  I didn't go on Tuesday, but I had a lot of unexpected free time on Wednesday so I went to the gym and ran on a treadmill there.  I told myself I only had to do 3 miles, so I slowed it down at 3 and then decided to go for 4 miles.  I was going up the speed a lot and do a fast 4th mile. . . well, I did a fast 4th mile for about a quarter of a mile and then slowed it down to the pace I did for the first 3 for the rest of the 4th mile.  =) 

Remember when I found my marathon glass broken in the dishwasher?  Well, the other day (maybe 2 weeks ago) I was looking at old photos and saw one of my old "Run Done, Wine Now" glass and was missing it. 
So I went online looking for a new one.  I found a website and was ordering it when it asked me if I wanted to have something engraved on the back.  Well, my old glass had my name on the back, but then I thought, what if I made this one with my marathon info on the back instead?  So I did.  And it came yesterday. =)  Just in time for Wine Wednesday.
I think the one I had before was better quality, but it's been 2 years, so it might just be that I had built it up in my head because I liked it, and it is actually the same.  I didn't buy the first one, it was a gift from my mother-in-law, so I don't know if I got it from the same place or not. 
Today I'm doing cycle class with my sister (every Thursday) and I'll try to run tomorrow and all weekend.  I skipped weights again today though.  Seriously, I have a hard time being motivated because the routine I have is old.  It would be much more motivating to have someone to do weights with, or a trainer.  =/  Oh well. 

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  1. Yay to the time with your family!!!

    I Ike the glass!! Enjoy the wine!!!