Friday, March 24, 2017

San Juan!

I booked a camping trip to the San Juan's (San Juan islands in Washington) in June, June 15-19 so a long weekend.  A couple things fall on that weekend . . . June 18th is Maddox's birthday, and Father's Day, and the San Juan half marathon.  =)

We used to go to San Juan Island every year to go camping, but it's rather pricey.  The campground is a county campground, so it's more expensive than the State campgrounds, plus, it's an island, so you have to pay a ferry to get there.  And the ferry there is expensive.  Plus, the campground is rather small, and you can't reserve more than 90 days in advance but you can reserve for up to 10 days after the initial day.  So if you're wanting to arrive on Friday, you can go reserve exactly 90 before that, but a lot of people will reserve in the middle of the week and through the weekend which makes it hard if you are only going to be there for the weekend.  Last year we were going to go for a weekend, but even though I was on the website at midnight exactly 90 days from our camping date, which was a Friday, the sites were all full. 

This year they weren't full at all.  In fact, I forgot to stay up late and did the reservations in the morning and had no problem getting our favorite site, which over looks the water.  That has never happened.  I'm wondering if people aren't thinking about summer yet because it's been so cold and rainy.  Last year it was nicer at this time of year.  Although, the dates we are going this year are earlier than we have in the past, and it may actually be still chilly and rainy.  =(

The first year we went was 2009, which was pre-blog (and pre-running).  We were invited by a friend and went as a last min thing.  It was a lot of fun, he was a scuba diver and wanted to go diving off the coast.  He rented kayaks (the pedal kind) so we could go with him and "watch his bubbles."  The morning after we got the kayaks we heard someone saying that there was a superpod of whales out.  A superpod is when more than one pod (family of whales) come together to mate, we hopped on the kayaks to see if we could find them.  We were on our way back when we found ourselves in the middle of it.  It was pretty amazing. 

In 2010 we had a different friend go with us.  He was living with us (I think) at the time and he actually went almost every year we did.  Maybe not the last and definitely not the first.  (I guess that's only 2 years.)  He probably went in 2013 though, I can't remember.

Damian is walking on a tightrope, he was pretty good.
I'm pretty sure we skipped 2011 because that was the year Maddox was born, although I know we did a bunch of stuff that summer because he was born in June and I had the rest of the summer off for maternity leave.  Actually, now that I think about it, I think we just did a lot of fishing type stuff, not camping. 
2012 was Maddox's first trip there.  He had just turned one and I had just started running.

The last year we were there, 2013, my parents and a different friend went with us.  Since then we decided it was expensive and we tried to go to different places.  Last year I said I missed San Juan so we were going to go back for a weekend, but I couldn't get a campsite for just a weekend so we ended up camping elsewhere with my parents.
I just noticed this, but our friend's head looks like it's coming
out of Damian's back.  =)

parental units
I'm excited to go back this year.  I'm excited that the half marathon falls on Maddox's birthday (the half marathon is why I booked the trip at this time).  What an amazing birthday he'll get!  Oh and Father's Day.  ; )  This campground has no showers, so either I'm gonna have to find a shower after the half marathon, or I'm going to smell pretty bad for a day or so.  =)
This post wasn't supposed to be a reminiscing post, it just kinda turned out that way.  =)   

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