Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nookachamps half marathon

Last week was pretty uneventful.  Work, lift weights at lunch, work, go home, run (or not), go to bed, repeat. 

Actually, I only ran 3 days last week.  I lifted weights 3 days, and went to cycle class with my sister, the first time since Dec 1st.  It was much harder than I remember.  I didn't feel very good for most of last week, which is why I took off a day of running, or I was just lazy. 

I was sorta waiting to get the official results of the half marathon I did on Saturday before writing about the race, but they still haven't posted them, so I decided I'd write about it anyway.

It was a really nice day here on Saturday for the half marathon.  I had originally thrown on my new "water resistant" jacket because I thought it was supposed to rain, but I walked outside and could tell that it would be way too warm to run in a jacket. 
Taken while running at about mile 3
The entire first 6 miles was either downhill or flat, so I was running at a good pace and felt great.  My second mile was my fastest and I knew I was going too fast so I consciously slowed down.  The race went out of town (almost any race here that is long distance goes out of town because the town is so small) and through a small community near a lake.  We turned and were running through the small community when we turned again (sooner than I expected) and immediately a pretty steep uphill was in front of me.  Thankfully it wasn't long, but I forced myself to run up it.  After that it was all hills, mostly uphill. 

There was one length of a couple miles that was flat, but then back to the hills. 
I actually hadn't looked at the elevation part of this until just now, there are a lot more smallish hills than I thought.  But you can definitely see where the big hill starts, although that was at mile 10.  The first what I thought was a big hill started at mile 6.17.  Looking at that picture above, no wonder my legs were so tired at mile 11 when I started slowing down.  My splits had been pretty even until the last 2 miles.  I actually was thinking in mile 12 that there was no way I would be able to continue, and every time I thought that I would force myself to think "I can do this."  I was tired.

There was a brief moment when I looked at my Garmin and thought that I could actually PR, but then I did some math and realized that was a stupid thought, there was no way I was going to PR.  My best half is 1:59:47, my second (but first half I did) was 2:07:39, I did not beat either time.  (By the way, math is hard when running and tired, which is probably why I screw up routes and distances so often.)

My Garmin said I finished in 2:08:59 and mapmyrun said 2:09:20, I think the Garmin was closer to accurate, I was able to stop that sooner than the app on my phone.  It was still right around a 9.47 min/mile average, which is pretty good for someone that's been running most runs at over a 10 min/mile average, even short runs. 

All in all, I feel like it was a good race. 
Immediately afterwards.
I've done the Nookachamps 5k a couple times now and I knew that they have a decent selection of food afterwards so I went into the gym (it started and finished at the community college) and ate several orange slices and left.  I knew that I wouldn't get any age group placings (although that hasn't been confirmed since the official times aren't up yet) and I kinda just wanted to go home and take a bath.
By the time I got home I was soooo cold.  My finger tips had turned white, which has been happening sorta regularly lately when I'm really cold after a run.  It isn't pleasant, it's as if I've sat on my hand too long and lost circulation to my fingers, and then they start tingling.  It goes away after awhile but it's annoying while it's happening.
I didn't do much after the race.  Sat around the house, watched some TV, read a book.  Surprisingly I wasn't really sore.
On Sunday I decided I wanted to go for a short run.  I asked Damian if he wanted to go, figuring he'd say no, but he said yes.  So we went for a 3 mile flat run.  We definitely ran faster than I intended.  Damian is faster than me and I did tell him I wanted to be slow, but running with him makes me run faster.  I could definitely feel how sore I was.  Man, by the half way point my legs felt dead.  But I do enjoy running with him, so it was nice.
My new water resistant jacket.
After my short run, my legs were very, very tired.  Much more than after the half marathon, surprisingly.  

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  1. Good run!!!!!

    But seriously those fingers...mention that to your doctor...the white tips were definitely clearly obvious. When you first mentioned it I was thinking 'yeah a little pale' but then I scrolled and saw the picture!!! Wow!!!