Friday, January 6, 2017

2016 in photos

Well, this post was going to be about my running achievements in 2016, but it turned into my year in pictures.  I guess my next post will be about 2016 running achievements, not like there are a lot, but as "Anonymous" posted on one of my recent posts, going from a badly sprained ankle to 10 miles again is pretty good.  =)

So here is my year in pictures. . .

My cute car died in January.
And my aunt let us buy her giant Chevrolet Impala, which I don't like.  It's not cute, and is not fun, and it's huge.  =(

In January I continued to run, starting to work on building my miles again since I had cut back so drastically after my marathon.  And I fell for the first time ever due to clumsiness.  (Well, if running in the dark and tripping on a crack is considered clumsiness . . .)

 We did our annual family trip in February.  We rented a huge house in Astoria and my sister from North Carolina came as well. 
Maddox, AJ (from N. Carolina), and Kaylee

My family
My sister and Dad, just because I like the picture.
 Also in February I cut my hair.  Which I've pretty much regretted ever since.
 In March I did the Big Climb in Seattle with coworkers.  That was lots of fun.  =)
 And I changed up my hair again in April, trying to get something I'd like.
 Also in April my mom came to visit and hit my broken car, driving it into the garage.  =/
 The reason my Mom hit my car was because she was bringing us dirt so I could begin my garden.  =)
 I started doing longer runs. 
 And PRed the Tulip Run, and whiched earned me a 1st place medal for my age group.
 I drove alone to Spokane (what a long drive!) for Bloomsday.  Also PRing that run.

My cousin's son went to the Bloomsday expo with me.

 Ran with Maddox, which this might have been my last run with him in the stroller.  He's so big now.
May 2016
And the event that defined 2016 for my running was stepping in a hole on a run and spraining my ankle.
I ignored how bad it really was and went for a walk/run only 2 weeks after spraining it.  I was only able to go one mile and called Damian to come get me.
We went to eastern Washington for Memorial Day, and went to a park in the town I grew up in after going to the cemetery where all my relatives are buried.

Damian started umpiring for baseball, just so he could stay in the game since his high school coach made it un-fun for him to play.
 And I changed my hair again in June.
 Maddox turned 5 in June, getting a "real" bike.
We went camping with my parents in July.  

 While camping we visited Mt. St. Helen's, but it was so cloudy you couldn't see anything.

My car got pooped on by a flock of birds.  I have never seen anything like this before.  It was very strange.
We went to my family's lake house in August.  It wasn't as hot this year as it was in 2015, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

Maddox was ready to go!!
Ready to get in the water!

I started swimming because I couldn't run.
My parents' came for a couple days with their boat.

 And FINALLY my garage was fixed in August.

 Damian started his senior year of high school.
 And Maddox started Kindergarten.

 In September I found my Garmin that I lost in June of 2015.  Right on top of a bunch of stuff in a closet I look in regularly.

 I went to Leavenworth with my sister for the 3rd year in a row for the Wine Walk.

Damian ran with me.
And so did Maddox.  (He didn't run 4 miles, just around the block)
Damian turned 18!!

 I started going to the gym in September, at first to swim while I was resting my ankle, which I finally admitted was badly sprained.  Then to go to spin class with my sister, and finally at the end of September deciding to stop swimming because I don't have enough time in my lunch half hour to swim, shower, and then get ready to go back to work.  So I decided to start weight lifting.
I turned 40 in October.  We went to the San Juan Islands for a very relaxing weekend and I got my first ever professional massage.

Damian got his Senior pictures taken.
And Maddox has the cutest school picture ever.
And I changed my hair again.
 I finally started doing long runs again in October, and got some new running gear.

 Maddox was a rubix's cube for Halloween.

 I mowed the damn lawn.

 And Nancy and I got wasted at a "classy" wine tasting in the Tri-Cities (eastern WA).

I worked on yoga again, I actually became more consistent with it in 2016, still not as good as I wish I was, but better.
I started a new training at the end of November, MAF, keeping my heart rate at or below 135, but above 125.  
In December I got a standing desk.  Something I've wanted for 7+ years.
 And I ran in the snow, very slowly.

I finished 2016 with my longest run since my marathon, 11 miles.

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  1. What a wonderful year....well with the exception of the running snafus (aka the two falls!!)