Thursday, January 12, 2017


I have been debating about stopping the MAF running.  I am slower than I was 2 months ago and I've been doing it for just about 6 weeks.  I guess that's only halfway through what they recommend to try it out for, but it is very discouraging.  Before I started this training, I was running under a 10 min/mile consistently.  I ran up all hills, and never took a walk break.  The first time I ran based on my heart rate I ran 3 miles at an average of 10:46 min/mile.  The last 3 mile run using this method I did outside was 10:45 min/mile.  I ran on the treadmill a few days later and that was an average 11 min/mile, but I was talking to my sister, and that may have affected it. 

The last long run I did (8 miles) before starting MAF I ran an average 10:19 min/mile, the first long run (9 miles) using MAF was average 10:24 min/mile and the last long run I did (11 miles) using the MAF training was 10:38 min/mile.

Last Saturday I ran 12 miles.  For the first time in awhile I was actually looking forward to my long run.  However, I didn't want to do the MAF training, so I decided to just run.  I used my Garmin with the heartrate monitor, and kept an eye on it, but didn't slow down or walk when it went above 135.  I ran 12 miles with an average of 9:54 min/mile, in case you can't do math (I can't) that's 44 seconds faster per mile than my last long run, with an extra mile in there.

I don't feel like the MAF training has been making me faster, or a better runner.  I walk up every hill I come to, every time. And I hate that.  Yesterday I went for a run after work, normal for me to do.  I ran my normal 3 mile run (running on the opposite side of the street) and I didn't keep track of my heart rate at all.  I did look at it occasionally, and it was quite high.  I ran an average 10:06 min/mile.  Why is that?  I was able to run under 10 min/mile for 12 miles, but not for 3?

I wonder if it's the cold.  It's not nearly as cold here as it is everywhere else.  I have friends on Facebook posting pictures of negative temperatures and tons of snow in eastern Washington, but it's still cold.  Right now it's 29 degrees, which means in the evening, when it's dark, it's much colder.  Last night it took 2+ miles for my fingers to not be numb, it was cold.  Anyway, I prefer running in cooler weather but freezing temperatures isn't very fun either.  I know heat makes me slower, maybe cold does too? 

Yesterday on my run, I glanced down at my heart rate just as I was finishing a hill (I ran up the whole thing) and noticed that my monitor said 225, I don't think that was true, I didn't feel like I was dying and it was early in my run, my heart rate monitor always registers higher than I think it is in the first half or full mile, but normally it's 168-ish.  Anyway, when I saw 225, I stopped and walked for a few min, I totally could have continued to run though.  Later as I was going up a long gradual hill that I recently have to walk on at the end, I could tell my heart rate was higher and thought that I should stop, I've never walked on this particular hill before MAF training, but suddenly I felt like I needed to. 

Anyway, I haven't decided what to do.  I did really enjoy my 12 mile run, I didn't feel like it was too hard or anything. . .

New subject. . .

Monday I posted about my 2016 running, and at the end I said "I guess my goal is always to complete a year of running without injuring myself.  I feel like whenever I write down more than that, I jinx myself."  Tuesday I went to the gym to lift weights, leg day, which is my favorite.  I did most of my workout and was doing stiff leg deadlifts.  The weight I wanted to use was being used (80 lbs), so I decided to go up to 90 lbs.  I did one set, and then 3 reps into my second set I felt something sorta pop in my back (it wasn't a pop, but I don't know how else to describe it).  I knew it was bad.  I put down the weights, well, put them away, and sat there for a minute.  I decided to cut my workout short (I was almost done) and went and stretched a little. 

My first thought when it happened was crap! what about my half marathon in 2 weeks.  The other thing I said in my last post was "I did learn some lessons about myself.  I deny that I'm hurt for way too long."  And again, I was telling myself that I wasn't really hurt, it will be fine, it won't affect my running at all.

Tuesday is a run day, it's been a run day for a very long time.  I debated the whole time home whether or not I was going to run.  I decided if someone was home when I got there to watch Maddox, I would run.  No one was home, so I didn't run.  Probably a good thing. 

Yesterday it was really sore on the way to work.  I rode the bus and the vibrations, plus the way the seats are, made it soooo uncomfortable.  However, as the day went on it didn't hurt as badly and the bus ride home wasn't bad.  I decided to run last night, and I didn't even notice my back while running at all.

Today it's sorer (autocorrect is saying that's a word, I didn't think it was) than yesterday, but my muscles are always worse the 2nd day after a workout.  I'm hoping it's that.  I'm going to the gym after work to do the treadmill with Nancy again.  We were going to cycle, but I don't think my back can handle being bent over a bike.  I guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

That's 5 posts in a week, I may be done for awhile.  ; )

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