Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas post

So much to talk about, so little space.  Or maybe an unwillingness to put it all in one post.  =)

There's Christmas.

There's New Year's. (Actually we did nothing, and there's not really anything to talk about)

There's my running achievements, or lack of, for 2016.

There's some of my thoughts while I run (most specifically yesterday).

There's also how cold it is here, but that's not really news for most people, just for me.  =)

So I will start with Christmas, which admittedly was a week and a half ago.  I spent Christmas eve wrapping, making fudge, making Christmas presents, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking a "fancy" dinner (steak and shrimp).  You know things that are soooo fun for a relaxing Christmas eve. 

We were home for the day of, which was nice.  It was quiet.  I was grumpy.  I am always the first one up, everyday, even on Christmas.  I had been up late the night before, you know, playing Santa and fun things like cleaning.  I actually do rather enjoy my early mornings alone, even on Christmas day, but I was tired and that makes me grumpy.  Most Christmas's I sit and watch a Christmas movie, I did that again this year, Holiday Inn, one of my favorites and enjoyed my coffee.
When everyone finally woke up, we opened presents.

I made breakfast, and then took a nap.  I slept for a couple hours, woke up and felt much better.  So I went for a run.  We had an unconventional Christmas dinner, steak tacos.  I was outvoted, no one wanted the ham that we had in the freezer, no one cared about me making pie (that was actually okay with me) but I missed the traditional Christmas feel of an actual Christmas dinner with all the extras.  Oh well.

On Monday we got up early and went to my parents' house in eastern WA for our Christmas there.  It snowed all Monday evening and when we woke up Tuesday there was a lot of snow, mostly in big drifts because of the wind. 
Unfiltered picture Tuesday morning.
 We opened presents in the morning and went to dinner with my extended family at a restaurant in a near by town.  Well, actually, most of my extended family "couldn't make it" which is not uncommon for them, so it was my parents, sisters with their families, my uncles (one unmarried, the other doesn't bring his wife because she's not treated nicely by my aunts) and 2 of my cousin's kids.  So basically, my favorite extended family came.  ; )  And sadly, no traditional Christmas dinner at my parents' house either.

After going back to my parents' house I went for a run on my dad's treadmill.  I thought about running outside but the wind made it way too cold for me. 

That evening we played a dice game, Farkle (although my sister calls it Dices). 
Gizmo on my sister's lap.  Strange dog.
Close up of Gizmo.

My sister and mom having a picnic in Maddox's tent, which
he insisted we bring to my parents' house.
Damian and my nephew with strange wigs found on the counter.

At dinner with my family
My dad gave us all t-shirts.  My maiden
name is Pence, so he had t-shirts made.
I really love them, even though that's not
my name anymore.
And because his name is still Pence, my dad
stole a sign and put it up, making sure the part
he doesn't like doesn't show much.
And we went home on Wednesday because both Chris and I had to work on Thursday. 

I'll skip ahead and write about New Year's now, since if I don't it likely won't get written, it was that uneventful.

We usually go to our neighbor's house, or hang out with them at one of their friends' house but this past May her mother died and she is still grieving.  They decided they weren't doing anything this year (I don't blame them), so we stayed home.  Damian went to a friend's house and Chris and I watched a couple movies and then the Space Needle light up.  I was in bed by 12:05.  It was kinda nice.  
My giant margarita . . . I may have had 2 of these . . .


  1. It sounds like you had a nice holiday!!!! Even without the traditional Christmas dinner! :-)

    1. Thanks MaryFran! I hope your Christmas and New Year's was nice.

  2. Your family Christmas sounds fun. I hope you post more about your running achievements for the year. Overcoming a badly sprained ankle and getting up to 10 miles by the end of the year is no small feat. You should go back and look at those pictures again!!

    1. Yes, well, I'm working on that post,which may be more about 2016 in general rather than just a running post. =)

    2. Looking forward to that. By the way, I like big cups also!!