Monday, January 16, 2017


This is my 7th post of January.  I have been averaging about a post a week for more than a year, some weeks I skip, and rarely I write two in one week.  I guess I feel like I have a lot to say right now, I don't know.  The last time I wrote more than 6 posts in a month was July 2015.  =) 

On Friday I ran 3 miles.  It was my first kinda creepy run.  I just wrote about my fear of the dark and the realization that it would be very easy for someone to grab me on one of my favorite streets.  I've been running on the opposite side ever since I had that realization, and remembering my pepperspray.  Well, Friday I was past that street and on a fairly busy one that is well lit.  It is right next to the hospital.  I was running and suddenly there was a guy next to me.  I've had people come up behind me, startling me, and pass me, but this guy was running right next to me and didn't pass me.  He was overweight, wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, carrying a plastic bag of stuff.  My first thought, well other than being startled, was that maybe he had just been released from the hospital (psych ward, was actually what I thought).  Anyway, I turned when he startled me and said "hi" thinking he'd pass me, but he didn't.  It creeped me out, so I hurriedly crossed the street, which is the direction I normally go anyway. 

Then I hear him say "what are you doing?" and he's crossing the street right behind me.  I said "I'm running" and kept going.  He followed me a little bit more and I finally decided I needed to face him and tell him to back off or use my pepperspray.  I stopped, took my headphones completely off (I had already turned them off), and turned around, but thankfully he was crossing the street again.  I turned and started running a little faster.  The whole way home I felt like I was being followed, but I didn't see anyone. 

I don't know what he was doing, if he thought he knew me, or what, but it creeped me out quite a bit.  It wasn't as scary as the almost dog attack while running at the lake a year and a half ago or even the bee attack before that, or as crazy as being attacked by your neighbor though.  Just one more of my crazy stories of things that happen while I run. 

This weekend was a busy weekend for me.  I had several projects at home that I've been putting off.  For whatever reason I decided this weekend was the time to do them all, well, 2 of them. 

Saturday I went for a "short" long run (remember when I would put long run in quotations, well, now it's "short," I guess it's all perspective).  =)  I have had a bit of a cough for about a week, and I woke up not feeling my best on Saturday so I decided to do 10 miles.  Well, while I was running I had a route planned out, figuring I'd eliminate part of my last long run to get to 10 miles, well, I ended up eliminated more than 3 miles, so I had to make it up a little bit at the end just to get to 9 miles.  But I'm okay with the 9 mile run.  I'm happy I ran at all. 

While I was running along the river I noticed a white specked bird on the other side of the river.  I stopped to look and I was pretty sure it was an eagle.  I kept running to get closer to where it was on the other side, and while I was watching, another eagleflew down and joined the first.  They were just swimming around in the water.  I stopped and took a couple pictures.  The top right one is as far as my phone camera would zoom.  I wished I could have gotten closer. 

The bottom left picture is the train that stopped me 2 miles from being done with my run.  I was not feeling this run.  I ran out of steam early (mile 5) and my feet started hurting at mile 6.5ish and I knew that I was going to have to add about a half mile where I normally end because of my miscalculation, so the train just annoyed me.

The bottom right is my recovery drink, which I didn't find satisfying, but I drank it while taking a bath.  Ironically, that is the last picture I'll ever take of my 3rd place marathon glass while using it.  Damian broke it while putting dishes in the dishwasher last night.  It's a smallish break, just a "chunk" taken out right where it says "Tri" but I was still really, really upset.  I still am.
While I was running I remembered I wanted to rearrange my dining room area.  The house we live in really has  no dining room, it's just a small breakfast area, and my table is way too big for the area.  We barely fit chairs around the table, so instead it has become a collection spot for papers and junk and we eat on TV trays in the living room, which I hate.  Last week I had a great idea of switching things up so I did it this weekend and it turned out great.

I didn't take a before picture, sadly. After going through a year and a half of pictures, these were the only ones I could find that sorta show the area I rearranged.  I have actively avoided taking pictures with this area in the background because it's always messy and doesn't look good.
The left picture is from Christmas 2015, and it shows the table, you can't see here, but the counter to the kitchen is almost touching the right side of the table.  On the left is a wall and just behind is a door to the garage, which you can see in the bottom right picture.  In that one, behind Maddox is two bookshelves and usually there were also 2 rocking chairs there as well.  The top left is when we moved into the house, and you can see the fireplace, wall, and next to that is the opening to the kitchen and the door to the garage.  Very tight quarters.

Well, I switched the table and the bookshelves.  Now the table is much more useable and the kitchen feels like there's more space in it.  I also cleaned off a cabinet that was in the garage holding tools, and added that next to the counter, making more counter and storage space, now I just need to clean the doors and attach them. 
Our big table was squished in that space under the window.

This is where the bookshelves were and 2 rocking chairs.

Oh, and I finally got around to decorating at least one wall in the kitchen.  The rocking chairs are kinda floating around the living room right now, with really no home. 

On Sunday I remembered I wanted to get Damian's old bed out and set it up for Maddox.  We've been working on getting him back into his own bed.  When we moved 2+ years ago, the house's furnace where we moved didn't work and it was in the teens at night so Maddox started sleeping with us because we had a heated mattress pad.  Well, it's much harder to get a kid out of your bed than it is to get him into your bed and it's been a struggle ever since.

We finally decided about 2 weeks ago to put him in his own bed, even if it is his toddler bed that was a crib before.  I have been sleeping on a mattress on his floor to get him used to sleeping in his own room, and most nights he stays there.  He's joined me about 3 or 4 times since we started doing this.  Well, I figured if he had an actual bed, maybe it'd make it easier for him, not to mention, he'd actually fit in the bed. 

But first I had to find a the bed in the storage shed.
It's the yellow peeking out there.
Then cleaning it.
Always fun with a cat in the way.
And finally putting it together, which was a pain in the neck!  This bed hasn't been used in 10 years, so lots of fun was had. . .
And the realization he might need new blankets.
What happened to relaxing weekends?


  1. Yikes to the creepy guy!!! Only good thing I kept thinking...he is overweight you could outrun him!!!! I sooo need to remember to take pepper spray with me!!!

    It is so much work to move furniture and change things but I LOVE that fresh feeling when it is done!!!

    When my nephew outgrew his crib quilt I made he didn't want to give it up so they brought it back and I made 'extensions' so that it fit on his bed!

  2. Thank you for commenting on my post of almost a year and a half ago! Then I disappeared again. I'll try not to do that again. I hope to post more frequently now too.
    I see that you live in Washington State, so we are practically neighbors (I live in Redmond). I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.