Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Family vacation

My work is a factory for food (not really, but it feels like it).  Everyday someone brings something, and we are all in the social service field so we are natural sharers.  My officemate is one of the worst, she always has chocolate or something (usually chocolate) to share, and I do love chocolate.  And my boss (well, my boss's boss) brings donuts regularly, thankfully he's slowed down.  In the 14 months that I've worked here, I've had more donuts than my entire life combined.  I love donuts, so it's very hard to turn them down.  Then recently we've started having potlucks regularly.  I think since the new year, we've had 5 potlucks, or company sponsored lunches.  And then there's my Starbucks habit that has formed. . . I have been spending some time in Starbucks lately, and I almost always get some sort of coffee, not black coffee, because that's gross, but flavored, high calorie coffee.  I really love my Starbucks time, I've been hanging out in one about once a week for a few hours, and it is fantastic. 

Why am I telling you about the food, and the Starbucks?  Because I'm feeling "fat."  I've gained some weight since Christmas and it's not good.  My fantastic size 6 pants are too tight, and my size 8 skinny pants (I have a couple) that I used to be able to pull on and off without unbuttoning, I now have to unbutton.  I know it's silly, I know I'm not fat, but I don't like the feeling of gaining weight. 

It's funny how people's perceptions change.  3 years ago 150 lbs was fantastic.  May 2013 was the first time I saw 150 and I was so excited.  Today, not so much.  I've decided that this week I'm going to start eating my salads again, I haven't been eating salad at all lately, and that used to be my regular lunch. I defrosted a piece of chicken last night and baked it this morning while getting ready for work  I'm also going to avoid the candy and chocolate that is floating around my office.  Which will be interesting because I got to my desk this morning and there was chocolate sitting there, not to mention the 50% off box of chocolates I bought at the pharmacy yesterday on my way home.  I'm not going to commit to no Starbucks this week because sometimes I need a coffee in the afternoon, but I will try to not go as often as I have been (which isn't daily, but is quickly becoming close). 

My weekend was really fun.  We went down to Astoria/Fort Steven area with my parents and all my sisters and their families.  We've been doing these trips on President's Day weekend for a long time now, 13 years or so.  We started out always going to Fort Stevens and staying in yurts, a permanent tent-like cabin on a campground, we've graduated to renting houses, because we're all old now and none of us want to go back to the cold and inconvenience of the yurts.  (Although, Damian really wants to do the yurts again.)

My sister and her husband and son came from N. Carolina as well.  Her son and Maddox had a blast.  A.J. is only 3 months younger than Maddox and I really wish they could see each other more often.  I have my issues with my sister and her husband, but seeing the boys play together really made me wish they could see each other more often than just once a year. 

From the car on the way down.
We stayed in an old house that used to be part of Fort Stevens.  It was an officers quarters, and it was amazing.  It was huge, including the basement, it was 4 stories.  Absolutely beautiful.  At first I was rather worried about Maddox because it had all sorts of breakable things, but A.J. and he (that doesn't seem like the proper grammar, A.J. and him?) did great.  Nothing was broken. 

We had the best bedroom . . . well, maybe after my parent's room.  We were lucky because my sister would have taken it but the bed was too soft for them.  I haven't slept that good in forever.  I definitely need a new mattress, badly.  It was very hard to go back to my own bed. 

The weather was rather crappy.  We went to the beach on Saturday morning, just in time for the wind and rain to pick up.  We didn't stay very long, but if you're going to go to the Oregon coast, you have to go to the beach.  ; ) 

After going to the beach we went into Astoria to browse the antique shops, but the weather was so awful we only went into a few and then ate lunch and went back to the house. 
Tami, my sister from N.C. is on the left, and Maddox, A.J.,
and my niece, Kaylee, are on the chair looking at A.J.'s Kindle.
A close up of the three of them.
We did our usual games on Saturday night, I learned a new game, my sister, Nancy, called it Dices, but I guess it's also called Farkle.  My family are not drinkers.  Chris and I probably drink more than anyone else in the family, but my sister Nancy will share a bottle of white wine with me (she doesn't like red).  My oldest sister Barbara drinks some, but for some reason she never brings any to these trips, and Tami doesn't drink at all.  My dad will "sneak" rum sometimes but my mom doesn't drink at all.  Anyway, Nancy and I had some wine Saturday night while we were playing the game and after my parents went to bed we got a little silly.  It was fun though. 

Sunday I got up rather late, 7:30 or so, which is late for me.  My brother-in-law (Nancy's husband) is a early riser as well, so whenever we are some place together we are always the first ones up.  He is usually earlier than me, but on Sunday almost everyone was up before I got up. 

We went down to Seaside for lunch and then hung out there for the afternoon. We went to the aquarium there, which Maddox was fascinated by.
And then we had ice cream, because, apparently you can't go to the beach without eating ice cream, even if it's raining and cold.  We ran into my family in the "carousal mall" and Damian and Maddox rode the carousal.
And then off again to do bumper cars.  I wasn't going to do it this year, just didn't feel like it, so Maddox rode with Nancy, and my dad, Tami and A.J., and Damian did it.  Then Damian got in to do it again, and Chris decided to go, then my dad went back, and Maddox was begging to go, so I decided to do it with him. I'm really glad I did.  I had a blast. 
My dad is on the left and Nancy and Maddox in the red car.
Sunday evening we went back to the house, had dinner and played games again.  This time we played Apples to Apples, which seems to be our family favorite (I'm getting tired of it though) and then played the dice game again.  I didn't drink nearly as much Sunday.  I was out of wine, I did take a new type of wine, Port, which I've never had, with the intention of sharing it with my sister Nancy, because I've heard it's a "dessert wine" and she likes sweeter wine, but then I realized I would have to share with my brothers-in-law and her and possibly another sister, and I didn't really want to do that.  (I know, selfish me.) So I still haven't tried it.

Starting closest to the camera going clockwise, Matthew
(nephew, black shirt), Chris, Scott (standing up, Nancy's
husband), Damian, Nancy's head, my Mom, Phil (Tami's
husband), Tami, and Barbara, not sure where my dad went.
Maddox using A.J. as a horse
I started not feeling good on Saturday.  Nancy had one Aleve cold and sinus, which I took.  Then we went to the pharmacy Sunday morning.  Apparently in Oregon you can't get the "good" medicine without a prescription.  In WA you have to give your driver's license and sign for it because it's used for meth production (I guess) but in OR they apparently think only a dr can give it.  It's only a head cold, which was frustrating because with good enough meds, it doesn't affect me very much, but I had to wait till Monday when we came back to WA to get some.  It just solidifies my desire to not live in OR. ; )

The elk were about a block from the house, right next to the road.
We drove back yesterday.  With the traffic and having to stop a couple times it took us much longer than expected, but we made it.  I was able to get some good cold medicine and feel almost normal now.  =)  Not sure if I'm going to run this evening though.  I need to, but don't really want to.

I almost forgot, I did do some exercise over the weekend.  On Saturday after we got back to the house I decided to run the stairs.  I am doing The Big Climb with my coworkers in March and I wanted to see if I could do stairs.  I've been running hills on Saturdays, but I don't know how well that translates to stairs.  Anyway, there were 50 stairs total in the house, and the Columbia Tower, which is what I will be climbing, has 1,311 steps, so that meant I had to do 26.22 times up the stairs in the house.  I ran up 20 times, and then my sister Nancy joined me and we did 6 more slower than my first 20. Then for some reason I decided to do one more, and carried Maddox up the last flight.  Ugh!  Yesterday my calves were sooooo sore.  Today they're not too bad, but at least I know I can climb the Columbia Tower, of course, that's all up and no down part to rest, so I will see how I do in March.

Oh, and I didn't mention Valentine's Day, did I?  We didn't do anything.  Chris doesn't see the point in it, so he rarely buys me anything.  I bought myself some chocolates yesterday that were 50% off . . . that I now can't eat, but that's it.  =)

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