Friday, February 26, 2016

4 years

Yesterday was my 4 year, let me say that again, 4 year, "runiversary."  I cannot believe I have been running for 4 years.  I realized it was getting close while I was running last night.  I'd like to say I ran 4 miles for the 4 years I've been running, but 4 miles was on the schedule and I would have ran that many even if I hadn't had a "runiversary."  Plus, I wasn't sure when it actually was, even now I'm not sure.  I think I'll go look it up.

Well, I was wrong, today is my runiversary.  4 years I've been running.  You can read the story of my first run here.  If you're interested, and haven't already, you can read about how I started loving running here.

I read a lot of running/fitness blogs.  And I will completely credit them for my motivation to continue to run in the beginning.  I had started and stopped exercise/running numerous times in my 20's and early 30's and it never "stuck."  This time, I had other people's experiences and stories to keep me going.  At first I would read whole blogs, I'm talking several years worth of someone blogging, all at once.  Every time I read about someone going for a run, it would motivate me to go for a run.  Plus I had Pinterest, and  all the fitness motivations on there, actually that is how I found the first blog I started to follow Runs for Cookies, I don't remember the pin, but it directed me to Katie's blog and I've been following her ever since.  Then I started following some Facebook fitness/running pages.  I was so scared to not run, that I ran every day and had to force myself to take a rest day. In the past I had started a fitness "routine" but one rest day always turned into 2 and 2 always turned into 3 and so on.  It was so much easier the longer I went without exercising to continue to not exercise.

So, what have I accomplished in 4 years?  Not a whole lot.  =) 

In 2012 I ran in 2 races, and walked one. My very first 2 miles averaged 23 min/mile (I was using my jogging stroller that hadn't been used in 14 years and had flat tires).  I ran 577 miles in 2012. 
Have a Heart 5k 2012
In 2013 I ran in 4 races, and walked one.  I ran 2 (and my only so far) half marathons, PR-ing my second one.  I ran 822.21 miles.  I also started my battle with plantar faciitis, that I mostly chose to ignore.  I did do some physical therapy, but not a lot, and started running again (high mileage) in January in 2014 (stupid). 
Bloomsday 2013
Berry Dairy Days Half
In 2014 I decided to start training for a marathon.  Silly Cathy, you were suffering from PF and not giving it time to heal.  I started a rigorous training program, and it ended quickly and painfully.  I only ran 3 races, and my mileage was 817.93.   I had the lofty goal of 100 miles a month (yes, I made this goal while I was still suffering from PF.  I ended up taking 2 months off of running completely.  During that time I did learn that I love spin class, although I haven't done any spinning since then, but I could see myself getting into it again, I just need to find one that's not crazy expensive and will fit my schedule, good luck, I haven't been able to find one yet. 
Bloomsday 2014
In 2015 I made one goal, to get and stay healthy.  It is the first year I have reached a goal. ; )  I ran 6 races and walked one.  I ran my first marathon, even placing 3rd in my age group.   I received 3 top finisher awards, and PRed my 10K, which was not a race I placed in.  I ran 871.81 miles, which equals to my highest mileage year so far. 
Tulip Run

Tri-Cities Marathon 2015
By far my most favorite running picture ever.  I have the best son.

In 2016 I turn 40 and my only goal is to run a race a month.  I started in Oct (when my birthday is) and I have run 3 so far.  My 4th one is tomorrow morning, just another 5k.  I would prefer to run 10k's but it hasn't happened.  I plan to run at least one more half marathon, I may do more, and I'm thinking I'll also run another marathon this year. 

Over the last 4 years I have lost a total of 33 lbs, although at one point last year that number was 37lbs.  I don't imagine that I will lose any more weight.  Yes, it'd be super awesome to be in the 120's but I like food, wine and chocolate too much.  And I'm pretty happy with my body right now.

From today . . .
I cut my hair.  =)  I'm still getting used to it, but it is a similar style to one I had many years ago (2010 I think). 
I like the dark hair better than the blonde and don't plan on going back to it even though Chris would prefer I did. Looking at these two pictures it doesn't look like the cut is similar, but it is, the only difference is the way I'm wearing it (curly) and the longer side.  That was cute in 2010, but I don't think it would be as cute now. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. You have accomplished some pretty awesome things! AND i love THE HAIR!