Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I wanted to come back today to talk a little about how yesterday, my first day without snacking on something sugary went.  I was able to resist the chocolate that was on my desk when I came to work yesterday.  I was also able to resist my coworker offering some chocolate later in the day.  About 2pm I wanted a coffee, but instead of going to Starbucks I remembered I had taken some hot chocolate packets from the house in Fort Stevens that I had wanted to try and forgot.  I put them in my purse and again forgot about them.  Well, I got some coffee from work, added some half & half that is always here and a half a packet of the hot chocolate packet.  It was good enough, and way less calories than a Starbucks white chocolate caramel mocha.  ; )

I had a salad for lunch, and popcorn and wine for dinner.  Yes, I know that's not necessarily a healthy dinner (I like butter on my popcorn) but it was better than nothing, or something really bad.  And then with my second glass of wine, I caved and had one piece of peppermint bark that's left over from Christmas.  But it was good, I enjoyed it, and I don't feel guilty.

Today is the real test.  My boss brought donuts for our Wednesday morning meeting.  And everyone at work knows my weakness for donuts, so the box was automatically passed to me.  I did not take one.  And sitting here at my desk right now I can hear them calling to me.  But instead I decided to come on here and write about how wonderfully I am doing resisting.  =)  Later in the day it will be worse, there are usually a few left over, or half of one and it's so easy to take a bite of one.  Since I didn't have one this morning, it will make the temptation even worse.  I have some gum, I'll chew that . . .

Tonight it's chicken tacos for dinner.  Chris has a great marinade that he uses, with half a cup of soy sauce.  So with that and the popcorn last night, not to mention my mom's homemade chex mix from the weekend (lots of salt in that) I will probably continue to weigh more than I want, but at least I know that the salt weight will go away once it goes through my system. 

This morning I forgot to eat. I got busy getting my lunch ready, and helping Chris make his marinade because he slept in, and when it was almost time to go, I noticed my eggs still in the pan.  I brought them to work and ate them, but for some reason I am still really hungry.  It makes resisting those stupid donuts even harder.  Plus, Damian ate my second half of steak from the other night, so my steak salad for lunch today is a tuna salad, which isn't my favorite.  =/  I did bring an apple, maybe I'll go eat that.  Actually that's a great idea.

I ran last night, even with my cold.  It wasn't too bad.  I've been thinking of going back to running 5 days a week.  I used to run 5 miles 4 days and a long run on Sunday.  It was only with the plantar faciitis break, and getting back into running slowly that I stopped.  So I'm thinking of running maybe one or two miles tonight, just to see if I like it.  The hardest part now about running every day is that I'm always running in the dark (other than the weekend) and I kinda hate running in the dark, however it is better than running on the treadmill. 

I keep trying to rationalize eating a donut.  It's just one, I haven't had one for awhile.  If I run tonight then it's as if I never ate it. . . but honestly, I think it's more about building up my willpower again than the actual food.  I have felt a little out of control with the sweets lately and knowing that I can resist a donut will help a lot in the long run . . . I hope.

No pictures today, so I'll add a few more that my family took from over the weekend. =)
I like this picture because my Dad and I were using each other
as back rests, even though it's hard to tell.

Maddox and me on the bumper cars

My Dad and Nancy

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  1. Did you manage to resist the donuts the rest of the day! You are right though......getting a huge victory like resisting the donuts at work under you belt will build momentum and help the willpower for the next time!!!