Friday, July 10, 2015


The temperatures here have cooled down quite a bit, and there was even a smattering of rain . . . or mist . ..  on my windshield as I drove into work today.  Not enough to do anything other than frizz my hair, but it's more moisture than we've had for several weeks. 

I have still been waking up early to run in the morning, which I don't like but am getting used to.  I don't think I will be waking up at 5:30am tomorrow or Sunday though to run like I did last weekend though.  The weather is supposed to be considerately cooler than last week which means I'll be able to run in the late morning, which I prefer on weekends.  I love the hot weather, but I don't like running in it.  So part of me hopes it cools down next week so I can go back to running after work, and part of me wants it to stay hot. =)

Yesterday I was up at 4:30am to run 5 miles.  I didn't leave the house until about 4:45, but I thought that was pretty good.  I have been trying to eat an egg before I run and gulp down some water.  I am not willing to wake up any earlier just so I can eat more and drink some coffee and water . . . and then let it all go through my system, so I figure as long as the runs are very long, I can get away with an egg and a little water.  When I run 3 miles in the morning, I don't always eat anything.  I try to drink some water, but I figure 3 miles isn't that far, and I can get away with no food.  So far I haven't had any issues. 

After running 9 miles on Sunday, I was a little worried how my feet would feel later in the week.  I have noticed when I have aches in my feet, it's often 2 or so days after my runs.  I haven't had any issues all week.  I've been rolling them regularly (speaking of, I should do that now) so maybe that is why I haven't had any issues.  Even today after running 17 miles already this week (I have another 3 scheduled for tomorrow) they aren't bothering me.  This makes me feel really good about my chances of actually being able to run the marathon. 

Last year at this time I was training for the same marathon in October, using a much more rigorous training schedule, and I had to give up the training and marathon about this time, maybe a few weeks later. Of course, last year I was running 5 days a week, 5 miles a day with one long run of 8 or so miles, so somewhere between 25 and 30 miles a week.  And I picked a training schedule that started me off with higher mileage. 

This year my training is only 4 days a week.  And this week, after almost a month of training, I am only up to 20 miles.  It's going to increase, but I think it's a much gentler approach than what I had last year.

Anyway, I'm optimistic about my feet (I've been boarding on pessimistic about it).
As I typed I rolled my feet.  =)
Tonight we're going to a Mariner's game.  My work offered everyone cheap tickets, so I invited my sister, her husband, and our neighbors/friends.  There are 11 people in my group alone, so it will be fun.  =)  I don't follow baseball, I always say, the only baseball I watch is Damian's, but going to the games in person is fun.  I haven't been in close to 10 years, so it will be good.  =)

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  1. I am so happy to hear that your feet are doing well with the training plan you have embarked upon!!!!! I've got my fingers crossed for you!